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Ephemeral colors…



Following a fresh deer trail, Vohne suddenly noticed a subtle shivering spreading through the canopy. Running his hand along a tall maple tree’s trunk, he felt a goosebumpy texture on the bark.

The yearly ceremony had started.

Back home, Cibelle had prepared her setup carefully. Pots and jars filled with warm-colored sparkling powders, and her set of brushes were laying on the dressing table.

Staring at her frail silhouette in the mirror, she picked a bright yellow blush, and started applying it in the corner of her eyes…

Vohne caught sight of the first leaves turning. It was his favorite time of year, when his dear Lover delicately painted autumn, one subtle shade at a time. It was a long process, and Cibelle would spend weeks perfecting her mysterious makeup.

Each time, the result was different, but always stunning. She had such a way with the multiple colors, using highlights to give each tree its glorious moment, then blending in the oranges and reds on her cheeks to switch the focus elsewhere.

Vohne decided to head home, empty-handed, but not worried the least bit as he could always go fishing the next day. For now, he just needed to feel Cibelle’s slender body against his, and celebrate the beginning of fall.

Soon enough, she would rinse the chef d’oeuvre off from her face, letting the water suck the smears of color from her skin, and run down to her chin to drop.

Just like the dead leaves and the temperature…


This is my official first take on The NYC Midnight 250-Word Microfiction Challenge. I’d like to thank Brutus for introducing me to the contest,  Elizabeth and Hokey, for double-checking my froggy English, and the Fabulous Trina, for her mental support 😉 The prompts were Fairy tale – Fantasy / Putting on makeup / Multiple.

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      1. Thank you for telling me… I didn’t even know there were posts listing people by groups. I sent a message tu Suave, I hope it will be fixed soon 😉


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