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Damn if you do, damn if you don’t..


Just a little more than a week ago, I had my annual work evaluation.

Well annual is an overstatement since it was my second in ten years of working for this business. 


It was a weird timing for an evaluation, if you’d ask me. Doing it in 2020, I mean. Seriously, with everything that’s happened in the last eight months, I think that we could have skipped the You could improve this (or that) lecture, this year.

But overall, it was a good evaluation. As a matter of fact, it felt suspicious that my boss didn’t make more negative remarks.

I should have known it was about to backfire.

When we were about to hang up (thank you covid-19), there was an uneasy moment.

Oh, and by the way… We hired a new consultant, and you’re beginning his training next week.


I’ll skip the 48 hours of cursing that followed.

So fast forward to Tuesday, when I had to go work at the office to prepare the documentation for the new comer. (There was still a little cursing in the process, I must admit)

For those of you who wouldn’t know, my job, in short, is to provide over the phone technical support for lottery terminals. It might sound like an easy job, but the typical training is six months long. 

No joke.

Being the kind person that I am… I knew that the new guy wouldn’t know anything about our equipment, so I took pictures of everything I could think of. 

Fast forward again, to tonight. 

Despite the rushed and butched training that was dropped in my hands, I decided to be proactive and to send myself all the pictures taken on my day on my work site.

So I started emailing my work adress all the pitures one by one. (note to reader, I did this after my shift)

Until I got a message on my cell phone, saying that my work email adress was no longer available.

I logged on my work computer, to check what was wrong. I apparently had sent over 40 emails to my job account, making the company’s security bots decide I was a threat to the business’ security.

How contradictory… I just wanted to be helpfull, and ended up looking like a spammer. And God know how this training wasn’t something I was up for. 

Damn if you don’t, damn if you do… Right?


7 thoughts on “Damn if you do, damn if you don’t..

  1. Damn! What kind of IT group do you have? Why don’t they have your home and work ID on an employee safe list? Any employee should be sble to work from home with full permissions. Aaarrghh…(cusword, cusword, cudeord)

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    1. Mouahaahahahahaha, yes, exactly, Hokey! You’d think that they would have thought about little details like that, but apparently the IT crowd had more important things to do… It’s all good, though. The next morning, my personal account was unblocked, and I was able to send the rest of the about 150 pictures for my training.


  2. Appraisals have always been the bane of my life.
    I have no enthusiasm for them at all.
    They normally just cause tension because I want to cut my hours down and my boss wants to increase my hours. I always end up saying that paid work is only a means to an end to me, a way to earn my bread and butter for my real career – volunteering.
    They always get upset with me.

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    1. I understand… It must be quite irritating. In my case, I don’t understand why I should get evaluated now, because I worked for 8 years without a single evaluation, and apparently I did get the job done. I get that they have to evaluate workers that might get a salary raise, but I am at the top rank, so it doesn’t change a thing. *Sigh*

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