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Putting on her best smile, she adressed the reflection in the mirror.

Ok my dear… What are we going for, today?

The blonde knew what she wanted, which was refreshing. She hated having to go through every album and fashion catalogue, trying to find the look. Look that pretty much never fitted either the client’s features, or their hair type.

She secretly hated whoever had decided that hairdressers had to be natural confidants. She definately didn’t get paid enough to provide people with good looks and therapy.

After a quick wash, she combed Stacey’s hair and parted it neatly, ready to do her magic with her sharp scissors.

The blonde was yapping about her new boyfriend, who apparently was on the verge of dumping his current lover for her. 

So typical… She repressed a sigh, grabbing the clipper to finish the job, when Stacey pulled her hands from under the cape. Typping nervously, she raised her cell phone above her shoulder to show the picture of her new love.

Her heart skipped a beat.

The clipper was humming in the palm of her hand.

You can just even out the nap of my neck, right?

With a steady hand, she ran the clipper from the base of Stacey’s neck straight to the top of her skull.

What the damn?? Are you fuckin’ crazy??

She turned the clipper off, and put it back on the counter.

Not crazy, Sweetie. Just a bit jealous… I’m sure Sebastian will LOVE your new look!



This short fiction is a ”practice” for November’s NYC Midnight 250 word Microfiction Challenge, using one of the NYC Midnight Challenges previous prompts: Romance / Shaving a head / Jealous.  


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