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The Block…



Getting back into the apartment, Bill violently slammed the door shut.

Immediately, his wife’s quick paced footsteps announced that she was making her way from the living room to the hallway.

Seriously, Billy? I just managed to get Lilly to sleep. Could we keep the noise down and enjoy an hour of sweet silence? Please?

Bill threw the newspaper on the low table, and tried taking a deep breath, realizing that his wife was right, even if he still boiled with anger. Trying to keep a low voice, he explained to Tracy, the reason he had lost his temper.

Who does he think he is???

Stacy waited for the rest of the story. She obviously knew who ”he” was, but not what he had done this time. She didn’t dare asking, knowing that her husband could be a bit explosive when he was angry.

Mr Dumbass peeled off all of our name tags… Both on our mailboxes and on the ringer list at the main door! All but his, obviously. Scumbag!!

Still loud, despite his efforts to calm himself down, Stacy shushed him gently. But suddenly, a loud noise came from above. The girl living upstairs obviously hadn’t enjoyed the door slamming, and was making an echo from her own apartment.

Bill looked annoyed, but didn’t blink yet.

Another free door slam from the second floor, and his (little) patience ran out. Bill turned to the door and slammed it once, twice, and the third time, the little frame hanging on to dear life fell to the floor and broke to pieces. Still furious, Bill picked up the broom sitting in the cornet of the room, and started poking at the ceiling.

You want noise?? I’ll give you noise, crazy bitch!!

Without great surprise, Lilly woke up crying and the young mother left the hallway to calm her baby while her husband still tried to make holes in the ceiling.

After several more door slams and both ceiling poking and floor thumping, the building went silent again all at once.

Rocking baby Lilly back and forth, Tracy wondered what had put a stop to the madness, at long last. She didn’t have to wait for long, since Bill rushed into their little girl’s room.

The cops… Someone called the cops! That girl is plain crazy!

Cuddling next to Lilly’s crib, they waited for a knock on their door. But the officers ran straight to third floor. Bill gave his wife a content smile.

I’m obviously not the only one thinking he’s weird…





You can read the first parts of this developing series here:  part 1  part 2

10 thoughts on “The Block…

  1. I had to laugh at him slamming the door three times as I hate to admit I did that a few times in my old house in CO when in an argument. I’m much calmer now😅🤪😱🤯

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    1. Oh my…. I am so glad you found that part funny! I am no door-slammer, even when furious, but I loved writing it. It seemed like such a childish way to let steam out 🙂

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