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Don’t run with scissors!



We’ve all been told that as a kid, right?

I am asking, because I am curious. Is this a North American (or even just Canadian) thing, or do moms all around the world very seriously warn their young children against the terrible consequences of running with scissors.

I don’t have kids but I do have a theory, though. You have probably heard mothers saying that babies didn’t come with a manual… I doubt that. I think that they can get a notebook containing the baselines of raising their newborn, if they accept to swear they’ll never reveal the existence of this manual to others.

And ”Not running with scissors” must be in the ”running” chapter. Along with ”Not running around the pool” and ”Not running across the street”.

That’s about it.

I’ve never been warned about running with a fork, running with a sharp pencil, or worse, a knife. Mom warned me about sharp knives in general, but I don’t recall her telling me not to run with one.

Scissors though… I’ve been told so many times not to run with them, that now in my forties, I still can’t walk fast if I’m holding a pair in my hands.

And, no! I’m not going to test it. I’ve survived every danger on my path so far… I don’t want to risk suffering a horrible (and probably very bloody) death, just for the sake of science.

But if you’re brave enough, be my guess… And let me know what happen, if you live to tell.



21 thoughts on “Don’t run with scissors!

  1. Haha! I think it is a global phenomenon. I was told it too. Mothers are especially scared of scissors and kids holding them the correct way when walking. Seems to be a rite of passage! I wonder what the stats are for scissor injuries?

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    1. I am really curious about these stats too, Amanda. I don’t ever recall being tempted to run with scissors. But who knows the perils we would have all faced if we hadn’t been warned… LOL


    1. LOL Exactly!! I get the ”don’t run around the pool”, because kids easily get excited when playing at the pool. But using scissors usually involves sitting by a table, nowhere close to going for a run.


    1. OMG yes Rob! I guess we don’t get warned because coffee usually isn’t allowed for kids, but this should definately be added to the secret book of motherhood anyway!! LOL

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    1. I am curious… Would you be running with bulls in your hands?? If so, please have someone film this. I’d like to see this, especially if you manage to finish the run unharmed 😉


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