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Blue hour… – FFFC



She loved this time of day.

These precious minutes when the sun wasn’t quite gone and the moon not quite risen… Probably hoping to meet in this sweet dimmed in-between. She sat on the porch of her little home, silent, open hearted and wide eyed.

Suddenly, she could feel the warmth of the past day running away from her garden, like a thousand mice seeking shelter for the night to come. And everything around her took this blue-ish shade, as if the sky itself had chosen the back of her house to finally lay down, and rest at long last.

It was the only totally quiet time of the day. The daytime birds were already ready for sleep, while the night feathery friends were still waiting for their queue to start their graveyard shift choire.

All in all, in this moment, for her, time stopped its crazy race for a little one on one meeting. She felt sorry for those who didn’t get to enjoy this breach in time. She didn’t expect anything from Life, but if she ever was to get surprised, she wished it would be during this special break between yesterday and tomorrow.

She wiggled her toes through the cool grass. Hoping she’d be granted the chance to do the same the coming day. Not that she feared death, but she knew it could be waiting for her around the corner.

Brushing her long white hair, she braided it loosely for the coming night. She then scratched a match, protecting the weak flame with her other hand. Lighting the lantern for a countless time, she made a silent wish under the lighting stars.

That night, in the middle of her sleep, she let one last breath out….

And a new star lighted up in the black sky.



Via Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge

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