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Do you?


Don’t you miss
The soft whisper
Of my sweet summer
My secret glares,
My unlikely kindred
References to a world
That is no more?
Don’t you miss
My squirrel thoughts,
Or were they rhino’s?
Dreams meant only
To be dreamt,
Times only
To be imagined.
Places unexplored
Playgrounds offered,
But only
If you
Join me.

6 thoughts on “Do you?

  1. Do you miss me
    Now and then
    In memories
    Of way back when?
    We lay together
    Touched the sky
    Then drifted somewhere
    By and by
    Until one day
    Did we lose sight?
    Succumb to darkness
    In the night?

    Do you still miss me
    When you sleep?
    Do visions of me
    Gently creep
    Into your dreams?
    Into your head
    Beneath the sheets
    Upon your bed
    Or do you dream
    Of someone new?
    Do you miss me?

    I miss you.

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    1. Well, I sure missed your words 😉 What you wouldn’t call poetry has such a special signature… May you keep tagging this wall of mine with it, as often as you’ll dare to. I really like how it covers the grey background. xx


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