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A jolly good time!



Yesterday we had our fifth Skypy Sunday Chat Session.

I know I should have posted this earlier, but life just was against me, today. (Dang Murphy!)

First of all, Mondays are usually a day off for me, ever since I accepted to take the day shift at work. But not today… No no no no. I was working and overtime shift that ended being one of the busiest days we got since our business re-opened.

Then, I opened my bedroom/office door, and the heat reminded me of when you open then oven door after cooking something hot hot hot. Pfieww… But it didn’t matter that much, because I had the whole evening to relax in my steamy apartment.

Think again… Just as I was about to settle on the couch with my tablet to write this post and catch up with my blog reading, the door bell rang. It was our landlord (living downstairs) asking if we had flooded our apartment, because according to him, water poured profusely from our place right into his bathroom… Not good.

I went on a sweaty crusade, to find the devilish leak, checking every faucet and showing pipe, hoping to find the guilty pool of water… No luck. Everything seemed fine, the washer didn’t leak, neither did the toilet, the dish-washer and both the bathroom and kitchen sinks… Unsolved mystery.

My landlord went back home, puzzled. Chéri and I went on with our evening routine, when the bell rang again… Dang!!

There had been another rainfall downstairs, and the only water I had used was to wash my hands. After further investigation, we found out that our bathroom sink was guilty of ruining my evening. And knowing how often we wash our hands because of c-19, I understand my landlord’s annoyance.


Anyway… We can always wash our hands in the bath tub while waiting for a plumber, even though the thought of having a stranger in my home is the last thing on the list of things I wanted to experience this week.

So… Skypy Sunday. We did have a great meeting again! I think that Father’s Day didn’t help us, but with less guests, we had the chance to talk more, and I got to know a lot more from all three of my lovely guests.

We spoke about both serious and very silly subjects. We reflected, and had good laughs. It was very heart soothing to talk to you all! A jolly good time, again. You people are awesome!!

I hope you will join in next week! It might be extra special… Be assured I’ll keep you posted.

And in the meanwhile, I’d like to invite you to visit the three lovely people I had the chance to talk to yesterday!


Trina from It’s Good to Be Crazy Sometimes

Simon from Simon’s Space

Larry from Family Care Givers



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