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Follow the guide… (June 19th FFF)

I was invited (well, not personally, but still…) to join the Fandango’s Friday Flashback!

Fandango scrolls back, every Friday, and gives a second chance to a post he had published on the same date the year before. I thought it was a great way to remember some of the stuff I did a while back, and I decided to participate…

So here it is!

Previously published on June 19th of 2016, here’s a… Hmm. This post is special to me. A clumsy yet sincere tribute to a beautiful mind. And maybe a proof that it is possible to travel even when all the planes are grounded. I hope you’ll like it (again). And where ever you are, stay safe and well 🙂



When they start selling tickets, I want a guided tour of your mind!

Maybe they could arrange khaki-Jeep rides, Jeeps with army camouflage paint. With handle bars and powerful spotlights on the rooftop for the dark corners of your thoughts. There could be night tours, to hunt your most secret dreams around, and peek at them stretching by a nearby pond, before they disappeared again in the bushes…

I can imagine some wide and colorful signs, inviting the visitors to keep all body parts in the Jeep, to prevent any wild-thought from biting one’s hand off or worse, getting even at life by leaving one of the guests with an Ow foot!

We’d probably get a motherly warning about the dangers of getting lost if we don’t stick with the group, which would just entice me into jumping off the vehicle and running for the woods to seek shelter in a dead tree trunk. I could wait there in silence, lying in moist moss, hoping to see the Girl Next Door walk by, innocently going about in her own little universe, planin some crazy plan…

Or maybe I’d be lucky enough to get a glimpse of (one of) your imaginary sister(s), a rare sight lately, to say the least. I bet I’d get pretty popular among the other visitors, if I managed to get her to take a selfie with me, proving to the others it was worth deserting the path…

I wonder if you’d be pleased to see me there… Or if I would hear a muffled echo, “Oh no… Not her again…” coming down the mountains, making me wonder from which peak you are staring at my whereabouts on your sacred fantasy territory. Would you gather all the water you can think of to wash me off your mind with a tsunami? Or would you rather throw lightnings at me as I try to climb to you… Zeus style, or maybe more Thor like, swinging your huge Holy Hammer in the air to scare me.

On the other hand, you might just grin at the idea of seeing me wander along the sinuous trails that lead from this to that in the most improbable ways. Running in circles, or simply ending in a “cul de sac” after a few miles of walking. You might swing a magic wand, or throw some spells in the air to reduce my clothes to a polka dot bikini, to get back to me for invading your mind…  But I don’t think you’d go that far.

You could make lilac trees bloom here and there, guiding me in the mountain trails all the way to that hideout where you retreat to build up your own fantasy world. We could sit on the grass while you’d throw randoms words at me,  making me giggle as you know I can. And you’d feed me cotton candy and slow juiced guava, before sending me back in a hot air balloon… I’d blow a few kisses in your direction while flying away, hopefully in the right direction to join the group again on our way out of your mind…

Until the next visit, maybe…



You can visit the original post here.

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