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Train ride… – FFFC




Damn, if she had known the weather would be so hot, she would have postponed the trip a bit. Holding to her bottle of water, she wondered if she should ration herself. It was going to be a long ride… to say the least.

It’s such a lovely day, wouldn’t you say? We’ve had so much rain, lately, I never would have imagined traveling under that bright sun. We’re so lucky!

She leaned against the window, trying to evade the conversation. She just wasn’t in the mood.

I heard the panoramic wagon is awesome. Would you like to go try it?

She shook her head, not the least tempted to walk five minutes, wobbling across the passengers wagons, just to watch the scenery through the large window panes. The view she had from her seat suited her just well.

Okie, but I am thinking about going to the restaurant wagon… Do you want me to get you anything, darling? That water bottle won’t last you long…

She sighed loudly.

No thanks, I’m fine… Dear.

He stood up, not really minding her refusal.

I’ll be right back, I really need to take a pee.

Too much information, she thought. Still she nodded as he strolled down the carriage. At least, it would give her a break. A short one, but still. She enjoyed her (little) time alone.

Sooner than later, he came back and sat again across her,

Did you miss me?

Her theet grinded. At long last she spoke…

Sir, we don’t know each other. I appreciate your nice attentions, but I don’t have any intention to socialize. I’m going to Scarbourough to finalize my divore, so if you don’t mind, I’d rather not chit-chat.

He sat back, obviously disappointed.

Mingling was not an option….  Not on this train ride.


Via Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge

3 thoughts on “Train ride… – FFFC

  1. Poor guy! LOL! She really should go look out the big windows, they are cool! 🙂
    I wrote a little about about a train in my post today, great minds think alike, eh! I was remembering our wonderful train trip last summer at this time. Would love to go on a train again!


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