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Third time’s the charm!


When I came up with my Skypy Sunday idea, I honestly thought ”this is not going to work!”

But I am a little stubborn, and I wanted it to work, so I kept it on The Cove’s schedule for a third week, and boy, am I happy I did! At 6 pm Eastern Time, I sat in my bedroom, prepared my tablet and headset, and I activated our virtual conference room.

There were some minor adjusments at first, but within a couple of minutes, there were four of us connected, and the chit-chat started, pretty naturally.

I am sure we were all stepping out of our comfort zone. It is not a natural thing to start a conversation with someone we have never met in person. Imagine stepping in a room, not knowing how many people would join in, who these people would be, and if you’ll have anything in common with everybody? That’s kind of scary…

It was amazing! I will not go through what we talked about… What happens during Skypy Sunday, stays in the Skype room. But I can tell you that I cried of laughter, and I learnt a lot from the three lovely ladies that shared the conversation with me.

Although this could have been a tad chaotic, it wasn’t at all. Each participant got to lead the conversation for a while, sharing thoughts and stories about their lives or where they came from…

Time flew quickly, and we put an end to the call 1h40 after its beginning, but not before agreeing to do this again!!

And there will definately be a fourth Skypy Sunday, now. This was just too much fun to drop the idea.

I want to thank the three amazing women who participated to tonight’s chat… You Ladies are awesome, and I had a great time and I hope to talk to you all again next weekend!


The fabulous Trina


Melanie B Cee


Just a little note to Larry Hoke… I am sorry you couldn’t join us in the end, Larry. Next week, I’ll activate the virtual room earlier, and I’ll do my best so you can participate. If you are still interested, of course 😉

19 thoughts on “Third time’s the charm!

  1. Sorry. I wasn’t there again. Though I’m just assuming that I was invited . Very presumptuous of me. Things are kind of busy here, trying to get our (her) little business up and running again … but keep it going. I’d like to participate.

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    1. Of course you are invited, are you kidding me? 😉 You have your VIP seat waiting. But I know you’re really busy… Saving a business is a full time job, I should know, my parents are doing the same. If you’d like to, I could send you a personal invitation by mail a few hours prior to the next ”meetings”? No pressure… You are free and willing to join, great! You can’t or aren’t feeling it, we’ll be waiting for you another week 😉 But seriously, it is a great way to end the week… My very best eye-tearing giggles, since the beginning of the pandemic 🙂


  2. I had a blast!! Learned something about England and Canada too. I hope I represented America well (it was an international group as well and so fascinating because we were diverse in that way). I’ll be there next Sunday for sure! Thanks for doing it too! 🙂

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    1. It was amazing 🙂 I can’t give out specific information about our conversation, but I never thought we’d end up making such plans… LOOOOL I learned a lot about both the US and UK… And I laughed more than I had in a great deal of time. We have a second date coming for sure! Thank you so much for coming 🙂 xx


  3. I want to join in too..
    I also had a Zoom Sunday with two other bloggers tho..So I’m not that jeko but yeah, I’d like to talk to you tooo

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    1. And I would really like to chat with you too, dear Saumya…. I am thinking about doing 2 different chats, one more convenient for European and Asian people. If it’s too difficult, I’ll contact you so we can have a little chat of our own… If you’d like that? It sure would be fun!!

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