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You’re invited!



They say third time’s the charm… We’ll see about that!

This weekend, I’ll be hosting my third Skypy Sunday. What’s that, you might wonder? Well around noon, I’ll publish a post with the link to a virtual conference room, where you are invited to join me for a little chat.

I listened to your comments, and decided to change the rules a tad. Not that there were rules to follow to begin with, but here’s what has changed…

Many of you suggested that a personal reminder might help. If this is your case, just drop me a note at, and I’ll send you an email about an hour prior to the beginning of our little meeting.

Other people mentionned that they were too shy to attend this little get together. I totally understand that. I, myself was pretty nervous at first… I’d like to point out that I don’t use my camera during these chats. I just do audio, and so can you. But if you’re curious, there is also the option of joining the room, listening to the conversation and participating by written chat, which is also available!

Hopefully, these two additions will help bring at least a couple of us together.

So note it down, our next little party will take place this coming Sunday, June 7th 6pm Eastern time.

When is that for you?  Here‘s a user friendly time converter so you can be there on time.


I want to hear your voice… Will you dare to join in?

17 thoughts on “You’re invited!

    1. Hey there Kristian 🙂 Thank you for the good wishes, I hope it works out too! I am aware that the time difference is an obstacle that I have to work with. No matter what time I set the meeting, some people won’t be able to attend it. I wanted to stick to the same time for a couple of weeks to ”beta test” the idea 😉 If people start to join in, and it works out fine, I intend on doing another chat session at a time that would be more convenient to people in Europe and Western Asia 🙂 *fingers crossed* I’d really like to talk to you ”live” soon 🙂

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    1. Oh my…. Thank you SO much for pointing that out!! Working from home is surprisingly more exhausting mentally than when I used to go to the office. And my concentration obviously suffers from that in the evening 😛 Of course, I meant that I DON’T use my camera LOL

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    1. Hey there Melanie 🙂 Yes, I’m using Skype, at least for now… I know that some people don’t like that platform, but I’ve never used things like snapchat and zoom yet. I hope you’ll be able to join us today, I would love to talk to you live 🙂 xx


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