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Not the blocking type? Good news!



As you know, it’s now June 1st.

WordPress is moving to the new block editor today. I asked you Lovelies, how you felt about that change. Thank you for your profuse respond! (you can catch up here)

After reading your thoughts, I wrote to WordPress to express our common worries, and I got a response today.

As you might know, WP promised there would still be a classic option available. The most common question was if that editor would stay with us just for awhile, or if we could count on it for as long as we wanted to use it…

Here’s the answer I got:

This “Classic” editing mode is part of the WordPress core software and is not planned to be discontinued, not in the foreseeable future at least.

Good news, right?

I think so… At least for now!

If you have any other worries, let me know. But seriously, I feel great about knowing that we shouldn’t lose all these fabulous blogs that felt that the sudden change would put their blogging activities in danger…

Yay for all of us! For those who like ”block” and those who don’t.


20 thoughts on “Not the blocking type? Good news!

    1. Well said, Rob… And is it just me or are newer things getting broken more easily, as years go on. My appliances are almost as old as I am, and they’re still working smoothly. Okie they’re not as sexy and don’t have 2000 complicated modes and functions, but they do their jobs. I highly doubt the equivalent, bought new in 2020 would last as long πŸ˜‰


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