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They killed my tree.


Two hours ago…



Two minutes ago…


I don’t even feel like writing about it.


50 thoughts on “They killed my tree.

      1. Exactly… I am especially sad for a beautiful woodpecker that used to spend a lot of time in that tree. I haven’t seen it anywhere else in the neighbourhood. Even if it came in a neighbour’s tree, I wouldn’t get a good look at it since it’s so nervous. *sigh*

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    1. It is… I feel like they are a little trigger-happy about choosing which trees have to be cut down… I understood when they removed one at my job, it was leafless all summer long. But the one in front of our apartment seemed just fine. I am torn between being absolutely pissed or just devastated.

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      1. Just because it may not be a big deal to all, itโ€™s a big deal to some. Itโ€™s ok to be upset about it. Iโ€™d be calling someone at the city for a little anger management session. Wonโ€™t bring the tree back, but might make you feel a little relief. ๐Ÿ˜

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      2. Hehehehe, I actually spoke with my landlord this afternoon, and he told me that the tree had parasites. The city tried to cure it, but the treatment failed… That’s why they had to take it down… Still sad, but at least now I know why…

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  1. You probably feel the way I did in CO when the city chopped down all the trees between our driveway and a business next door.ย  I was livid but since we rented that home from the city I had no say.

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    1. I don’t really know what the rules are, here. It the nesting season, and fortunately, there was no bird or squirrel nest in that one. I would have tied myself to the tree otherwise!!

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    1. Apparently it had parasites that the city tried to cure with no success… Such a shame. I really hope they’ll plant a new one soon… Even if it doesn’t reach our living room’s window.


  2. Oh no! that is sad . But I have to say the tree has some bare branches around the top. Since they do not have any leaves I think it means those parts of the tree are dead.I think that it would be considered a danger to pedestrians or traffic if some of the limbs would fall . We have a lot of very old trees on our road and many are just hanging by a thread. About ten years ago the township came through and took many of them down. We planted new ones where they had left space. I think they will be back again this year or next to do more as when the trees come down they block the road and could injure someone. But it is sad to see. All those years they have stood proudly.

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    1. At first, I was hoping that they were here just to ”trim” these branches that could have been dangerous, as you mentionned… But I learnt this afternoon that my tree had parasites that the city didn’t succeed to get rid the tree of. They had to take it down before it infected the other trees around… I would have suggested a quarantine, since it is so popular lately, but I doubt they would have considered it ๐Ÿ˜‰

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    1. I hope so too… I heard that they were changing the type of trees, because the one we had in front of our apartment was not strong enough to survive the parasites that we have in the area… I’l keep my fingers crossed for a new, stronger tree… Even if it’s not as tall as the previous ๐Ÿ˜‰


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