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Kind Hearted Challenge – June Edition



Hello Lovelies!

June is coming in just two weeks, and with it, a brand new and very special Kind Hearted Challenge. The reason I am telling you about it ahead of time, is that it will take a little bit of preparation, if you choose to accept the challenge.

June’s edition is special because, for one thing, it doesn’t come from me. It was inspired by a challenge Derek Aucoin (who is very well known here in Québec) invites the audience to join, in his conferences.



Mr Derek Aucoin


Derek used to be a professional baseball player (he played with the Montréal Expos, and was part of the New York Mets’ organization for some time) and now works as a tv and radio host.

I discovered Mr Aucoin when I worked evenings and weekends. I used to listen to him on the radio, even if his show was an open-line about sports. I didn’t really mind the subjects discussed, but I loved his attitude and his relationship with his audience.

I remember one particular day (I think it was around Christmas time, if my memory’s good) when he let the sport-oriented conversation suddenly shift into a chain of people asking for simple things they wished they could offer to someone they loved, and people calling the radio station to offer these gifts to total strangers… It was so heart-warming that I listened closely to the whole show with teary eyes.

Unfortunately, Derek has been diagnosed with brain cancer last year. Which resulted in him leaving his radio show for a while. But regardless the tough times he has to go through because of the disease, he still claims to be the luckiest man in the world. In times when most of us would concentrate on ourselves, he works on inspiring people to be grateful.

Needless to say that the man’s positivity is contagious, and that’s why I decided to borrow his challenge, hoping you’ll tag along…  I’ve slightly changed the rules to make it a little bit easier to do (I don’t have Mr Aucoin’s influence, and I think I would have been playing alone if I had posted the original challenge, hehehe). I do believe that if you join in, and complete this challenge, it will bring you as much happiness as the kindness you will spread around.

I am aware that it is the toughest Kind Hearted Challenge so far… But I really hope that at least one of you Lovelies will participate.



And now… The most important thing! (drum roll!!) Your June Kind Hearted Challenge will be the following:


Everyday of June, pick one person and email/text them, or give them a short call to give them thanks for something you are grateful for! I am working on getting an email adress, so we can send Mr Aucoin a ”thank you” note on June 30th, and show him that his will to spread kindness and gratitude is having an effect all around the planet. 



As usual, I’d like to thank Candace, who inspired me this challenge in part, with the lovely cards she sent me, a while back. The image above is a detail of one of them, and makes me smile every time I look at it. If you don’t know Candace, you can visit her blog, Revenge of Eve.


12 thoughts on “Kind Hearted Challenge – June Edition

  1. The photo of him shows his personality I think, and I hope for his full recovery.  Every day is a lot but I snapchat or text my family everyday morning and night and have for months, even before this virus.  It’s a great way to start and end my day, knowing I am loved and showing love.

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    1. I agree with you about the picture, Cheryl. And I wish I could link in some of his interactions with the audience, or an interview, but it would be in French and most people wouldn’t understand anyway… But Mr. Aucoin is a genuine man, putting anyone but himself forward. I too hope he’ll make it through. He is proof that being famous can be used to make great things…

      I think you are already doing the challenge 😉 I know how grateful you are for your awesome family! I am aware that once a day is quite an exercise for most people, but I think it is doable, and I hope I’ll convince at least a couple of people to join in 🙂

      *Big hugs*


    1. Thank you Sadje 🙂 I loved the challenge when I heard Mr Aucoin talking about it… I hope some people will tag along. Each person doing the 30 days challenge will make a difference in 30 people’s lives… That’s a lot in just a month 🙂

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  2. hey…i did that a while ago…So in april..the NGO I’m associated with..we guys participated in an appreciation activity.. all the participans wrote notes for each letter at time. eveyone got a letter for 12 days (as there were 12 participants). shoudn’t that be 11? aah no..we wrote one letter for ourselves two. Infact I shared two of those notes on my blog too… one’s here:

    Also, I had participated in the feb challenge too… just that I never posted about it..thought I should let you know..

    I’m not sure if I’ll post about this one..but yeah count me in 🙂

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    1. I loooooove your appreciation activity, and I am thinking of a way to adapt it to the Bloggosphere… I’ll think about it, but if I find a fun way to do it between bloggers, would you like to work on that with me on something we could promote on both The Blogger Community and The Cove?

      Thank you for having played along the February challenge… And so glad to count you in again!! 🙂 There’s no such thing as too much kindness being spread around! xx

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      1. Ohh yessss!!!! Would love to be a part of this thing. Would promote it on my blog too. You got nay ideas already?


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