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Show me yours…


Now, don’t be fooled. I am not encouraging a peeping movement, in The Cove! I have nothing against ”kinky”, but I am certainly not showing you mine! LOL You’ll have to be satisfied with my Footsies’ selfies, and if you need to see more skin, I can show you the way to other blogs that might please you!

The past couple of days have been rather blue-y. It just happens, and there’s not much to do about it. But I’ve been looking for things that make me smile. This morning I came across this post from Morgueticiaatoms, that included the following Geico ad:



I love this ad… I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of this camel. It puts a smile on my face, no matter the day of the week.

So I thought we could share witty commercials that make us laugh. Of course, I couldn’t use Geico’s since I took it from Morgueticiaatoms’ blog. So I settled for the following Bud Light one. It had me at ”F*ckin’ awesome”.



Your turn now! Share your favorite YouTube link in the comment box, and let’s enjoy
some of your best picks! Make me giggle, (at least try to) I really need it!

5 thoughts on “Show me yours…

  1. I looove the insurance company ads with Mayhem in it them, too, it’s hilarious.

    Geico did the contest to see what fave commercial icons would get ro make new commercials. If you’ve not seen those, you should look them up on youtube. The Chez Dumpster raccoons made me laugh so hard my sides hurt.


  2. Don’t know about witty, and this is going back a few years (I haven’t had a TV since moving out of the family home), but Citroen’s dancing robot car always made me smile, at least.


  3. I had never seen the swear jar commercial before. That is hilarious! I especially loved the announcement over the intercom for the owner of the white station wagon.

    I needed this laugh. Thanks, Sis! And I hope you have a terrific Friday and weekend! *hugs*


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