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Is that the message I send out?

Do I come as a sex addict to you?

I didn’t think so, but I’ve been wrong more than once, in my life… And recently, my spam folder has been flooded with pornographic websites suggestions. I don’t usually get all that much spam, so I don’t check my folder very regularly (read ”almost never”).

So you can imagine my surprise, when I clicked and found out I had about sixty naughty invitations pending. The comments all looked the same, but each had their little something ”special”, I thought I’d share a couple with you.

Note that I erased the website adresses. If you want any of them… Well good luck Googling, mouhahahahahhaha!


Big Ass hotos – Free Huge Butt Porn, Big Booty Pics

porn star clasics brittanya porn littl sluty girle porn korean beauties porn classic 70s porn movies clips galleries

Here, I had the feeling that the person who typed the message was more excited about his website than I could ever be! Evr herd abotu oto-correk, my freind?


Sexy photo galleries, daily updated collections

pissing porn the best porn ro89 free porn search engine halle berrys of porn female rosebuds butthole porn free porn tube movie videos
tsunade hentai porn russian grannies porn movies porn government bailout porn wizard of oz boys porn moview

Wow, there’s a lot going on here, don’t you agree? Pissing porn? (no need to draw a picture, thank you very much) Russian grannies? Government bailout porn? I might be narrow minded, but that sounds booooooring to me… I might be wrong though. It could be an acquired taste….


Hot sexy porn projects, daily updates

7th grade porn mandinka porn star video crocidile review porn porn sites watched by woman free drunk stripper porn

This one caught my eye too… Is it just me or shouldn’t 7th grade porn be somewhat illegal?? Nevermind, it is the crocodile (well, I’m guessing that’s what was meant here) review porn. What the dang is that?? Oh, and I’m sure I’m not the only one a little curious about the drunk stripper porn. I think I’d have a good giggle watching that…


Dirty Porn Photos, daily updated galleries

amateur home porn webcams denmark little porn gay daddy papi porn file sharing free porn girl riding 3d horror porn

Ohhh  I see what you did there!! Trying to lure me with Denmark, uh?? Nice try, Russian robot, nice try!!


Hot photo galleries blogs and pictures

list of prostate porn porn tube bestility search every porn bravo porn vids hermaphrodite free porn

I have a pretty good idea of what is meant, here, but I really don’t think that calling it ”prostate porn” will get you tons of clicks! But hey, what do I know?


Hot new pictures each day

ong porn guide interracial milf porn pics asinan porn amature porn be nonk porns

Someone got a little too excited here, again.

I also got various offers for viagra. If you need a discount code to get blue pills to fully enjoy your nonk porn, leave me a message and I’ll see what I can do for you!


But it’s not all about sex, and you’ll be glad to see that I have my very own spell-caster stalker now… This person really insists on helping me with any problem I might be experiencing during lockdown.


I do all kinds of spiritual work, Which includes: Lovespell,
Win cases,l
Penis enlargement,
Job spell,
Get promotion,
Loss weights and lot more… Dm me now via Email if you have any difficulty in life I am here to help you get you heal with my ancestral powers. I cast trusted spells like money spells, wealth spells, everlasting marriage wealth, real tender winning spell, fast promotion spell casting, new business spells, top job hunting spells, most powerful gambling spells. You can call or WhatsApp me today.


I was tempted to try the lovespell. The thought of Mads Mikkelsen being madsly in love with me was luring. But it wouldn’t be fair to Chéri, so I changed my mind. Also, I don’t think that it would be the best time for that kind of change in my life, given that flights are not allowed from nor to Denmark. It would be a real torture to have to wait for a vaccine until Mads and I could finally be happy together…

I guess my gifted stalker read my mind, and I got the following:


Hello greetings again. I’m A gift spell-caster. i do all kind of spell work and herbs, I write to inform you that I can cure any type of sickness you may have ::
1:HIV aids
This miraculous plant. Whoever that wants more information or how to obtain it can do so by contacting ME ON WHATSAPP ME Dr Ole Va Email, I am at your service to clarify all your doubts and any information you wish

Hey!!  I could use a number 3!! (by the way, I love that he listed his spells as if we were ordering a fastfood meal) I wonder why I never heard of this person before… If he’s that gifted, there must be tons of people magically protected from covid-19. Then again, his services are probably quite expensive, it’s not so often that you come across someone with such powers!

I’ll still think about it for a while, for some reason I have my doubts. But if I ever disappear from the Bloggosphere, you’ll know what that means…

A number 3 with a number 9 on the side, please!!


31 thoughts on “Is that the message I send out?

  1. I am always getting porn spam. Some of it advertises young girls , teenage girls and I find that pretty sad. There are also a lot of spams for drugs some for sexual enhancement and others for indigestion!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I had the same thought about teenage girls… *Sigh* It is a mad mad world we live in.

      If you order some of these meds, make sure not to get mixed between the two, mouahaahahahhahaha 😉


    1. LOOOL Exactly! I started getting emails from girls inviting me to their ”live” websites… I exchanged a couple of emails with the first one (because I prefer losing some time keeping a scammer busy than knowing they might really catch another person) but when the second one wrote to me, I just ignored her…

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I get a ton of spam comments on my blog for these kinds of sites.

    I’m pretty open minded and went to college to study medicine, but honestly the contents of some of these sites are quite extreme and are a bit of a shock to me.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hehehehe, I agree… I mean, I’m not prude, but I just don’t see the use of the constant advertisement. Pornography is one of the easiest things to find on The Internets. If I need any, I’ll find it… LOL


    1. LOL that’s the least sexy thing I’ve read in ages!! Some people have the weirdest tastes… Because, if they offer it, it means that at least one person has been searching for it! Mouahahahahaha

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Hahahahha I hadn’t thought about it… I think I’ll stay out of the porn business though, and magic just isn’t really my thing. But I’ll keep an eye on my spam, maybe I’ll find good business to make 😛


    1. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOL Oh, Rob this really cracked me up! Then again, an unwanted penis is a very sad thing, if you ask me 😉 I’ll have to check my spell casters reviews, I don’t want any of this to actually happen 😛


  3. Oh, yes. You can all laugh. But has it occurred to you what pain you may be inflicting upon the true devotees of prostate porn ,with your heartless mirth? These people have feelings too, you know (fairly unusual ones, perhaps).
    And who of you can hold your hand on the bible and swear not to have had lusty thoughts about Russian grandmothers (not specific individuals perhaps, just female senior citizens of Moscow, in general. I think it’s the accent and beard that gets my own pulse racing) as you doze off to sleep on lonely nights?

    But it’s the spell caster that has me intrigued. He (or she) can cure all manner of illness … Ebola and cancer top most people’s list, I suppose, but I’m wondering why ‘penis enlargement’ is listed as an illness … is this something that can result from a few beers and a dodgy green curry in Bangkok? And if that is the illness then what is the cure? I’d rather not think about it, thank you.

    Still … I really don’t want to question the talents of the spell caster. I am an admirer of self-confidence. After listing an undeniably impressive ‘top ten’ he (or she) adds number eleven as ‘etc’. World Peace, I assume, sits at about number forty seven.

    Cyranny … you have not provided any contact details or prices. Does the spell caster have an office near me? Is it a franchise arrangement? Does the Australian Medicare system cover the initial consultation?
    I want to do the right thing. It would be irresponsible of me to make any long term arrangements with Russian grannies before clearing up this latest nasty dose of Ebola (don’t laugh guys, it starts with just an itch) I’ve picked up as well as a quick prostate check to get the all clear.

    Then I’m off to Denmark.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Dear Brutus… I appologize for mocking the prostate porn. I might be a little too young, or a little too girly to apreciate it 😉 I didn’t mean to put it down 😛

      I can provide you my spell caster’s infos, if you’d like? I also wondered why penis enlargement was filed in the ”illness” list. I never thought that it could be influenced by viruses or bacterias. But what do I know? I’m no scientist 😛

      I’ll double check his (hers?) skills, so we can all benefit from them.

      Can we agree that if we get a bundle deal about covid-19, we’ll go share a nice glass of Pinot Noir in Copenhagen?


  4. I used to get a lot of spam, haven’t had any since an upgrade, but also l closed my comments or rather reduced them from being open for a month and restricted that to two weeks only, since then l don’t get spam and the ones l do get or those stuck in pending l have noticed are usualy from readers who comment a lot on other blogs.

    Ironically the moment l restricted my comments from 4 weeks to 2 weeks, l instantly reduced my bot traffic as well. last year leading up to June 2019 l was getting almost 1000 traffic hits a day but equally l was getting close on to a 1000 spam bot comments a day as well. Once l upgraded to eCommerce and restricted comments paste time, my spam is now 0 every week, on a month l only now perhaps have 10 genuine comments in spam.


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