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Things I might do soon…

After more than a month spent home, and a possibility that this will be my life for a couple more, I think it is only normal that I’m starting to have ideas related to this new lockdown routine…

So here are a couple of things I’ve considered doing, so far.


Become an influencer:

Since Chéri and I stopped going out, we’ve been working hard supporting local businesses. It is impressing how many producers have turned to free (or cheap) delivery services to keep selling their goodies. At least once a week, we order some stuff that quickly gets to our door, and we discover pastries, cheeses, meat products, wines (etc) made here in Québec. Unfortunately, I have very little readership in the Montréal area, so even if I shared all the amazing companies we’re dealing with, I wouldn’t make such a difference. Who knows, maybe I’ll work to reach more people in the area to spread the good adresses.


Do little good deeds:

Not that I don’t enjoy being kind already, but being confined is tickling my kind string. I am doing all kinds of cooking experiences, some that are successes, but that just won’t get eaten at home. (since neither Chéri nor I have a sweet tooth) So I thought about leaving my sweet home made gifts on neighbours’ porches, but I have a feeling they might have doubts about how safe the said unexpected deliveries were. On a different note, I have a neighbour that has a loose strap that produces a horrible noise whenever they start their car. I want to take an appointment for them at a local garage, and leave a note on their windshield saying ”Garage X is expecting you on (insert date and hour here), you’re welcome!”


Shave my head:

I don’t have beautiful hair… That’s probably the only thing I sometimes envy other women for. I have very thin hair, and I don’t really care about what people think about how I look. So I’m seriously thinking, ”why bother about taking care of something that doesn’t care about me?” I have a professional clipper at home, and a growing urge to give myself a bald head. Not in a Britney Spears way… Think Sinéad O’Connor instead.  That would make wearing my Sia wig a lot easier. AND, I could eventually (when they get the right to open again) have something very Danishy tattooed on my head. I’m still thinking about this one.


Opening some sort of spa:

Shortly after the confinement, Chéri’s doctors decided to reduce his prednisone doseage. Significantly. Anyone dealing with sarcoidosis treatment will know that big changes in medication means unsuspected effects. Although Chéri’s health altogether hasn’t declined, he has started to have red itching spots all over his body, meaning that he is spending time 3 or 4 times a day in sepson salt baths to calm the itches.  If we get through this, I might try to give my best ”kill the itch” tricks.


There certainly will be more to come. I don’t see ”normal life” coming back anytime soon.

Stay home, Lovelies… And stay safe 🙂


7 thoughts on “Things I might do soon…

  1. In 2018, the press officially labeled me as an influencer. I’m still not exactly sure what this means, as the term is relatively new and still abstract; a complete opposite of the more specific and concrete titles I have managed to obtain over the years, such as Firefighter, (Lieutenant), Writer, Photographer, or Website Designer.


  2. Hmmm …. Let me think …
    I really can’t see myself opening up a spa … the idea conjures up images of me hovering around the place dressed in white with a permanent, and clearly fake, smile on my face directing people to the steam baths and offering massage treatments to obese Germans (but remind me to tell you about a highly amusing experience in such a facility in Budapest).
    Doing little good deeds? I don’t think I could manage that for more than a day or so ..
    Shaving my head? It might have had an impact long ago – but no one would even notice it today (but, once again, I have an amusing anecdote about my grandfather doing it back in an era when nobody would dream of such a thing).
    Which leaves the ‘influencer’ option. This has some appeal. I would like to become a ‘bad influencer’. The term itself has a double meaning, of course, but I think I could satisfy both meanings without too much trouble. I have experience. Transferring my skills into a professional field sounds like a no-brainer. I can’t believe I hadn’t thought of it before.


  3. Withdrawal from Prednisone is tricky. I was on it many years ago for an auto immune disease. I think that epsom salts might be drying for the skin but may help the itch. Aveeno has something to put in the bath that can help with itching and rashes. I think it was a powder but it was a long time ago I used it.


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