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It’s not boring…


Yesterday JoyRoses posted her weekly Tuesday’s Thoughts. The first one gave me a good giggle… Here it is (borrowed from her post)




Joy mentionned that she hoped none of us had started counting rice grains yet. I thought no one would ever try that, it was just too absurd.

Until this afternoon.

See, at home we have two types of spaghetti. Plain and whole wheat. And for some reason, even if we have two separate containers, Chéri had mixed both types in the same one.



Now, plain and whole wheat spaghetti don’t require the same cooking time. And sorting spaghetti just before dinner time is a torture, so… (you see where I’m going, right?)




Yes… I ended up sorting all the dang spaghetti! And that’s when I thought about Joy’s post again. Was I being that pathetic?

I guess so.




And I did a really good job, no matter how pathetic and boring it was…

Oh, and I heard whispers in the back of the room. Don’t worry, I wash my hands so many times everyday that they rarely get dry.

Happy lockdown time, everyone!!

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