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I don’t do selfies…


But when a friend sends over a picture I actually like of myself, I can make an exception!

Yesterday night, I wrote the fourth of five posts, about our camping mini trip with Miriam from the Out an’ About blog. If you missed it, you can catch up here.

In my post, I asked Miriam for a picture and short video to prove my wild koala patting. Not that I think that you’d doubt me, but you know…

And since Miriam is such a wonderful friend, I had the following waiting for me on Messenger…





Yes, that’s my hand!


But what does all of this have to do with selfies, you might wonder? Well, to be completely honest, I’m going to cheat… This is not a selfie, per se.



Useful tip: King parrots are FAR less dangerous than cockatoos!


I don’t know what it is, with me and birds (or animals in general). Maybe they can feel how much I love them, or I’m just super lucky… But I connect very easily with feathery and furry friends.

I love this picture. It’s the kind of memories I cling to, when I get tired of being stuck at home.

Thank you, dear Miriam, for immortalizing these precious moments!!

19 thoughts on “I don’t do selfies…

  1. Great photos and cockatoos are lovely but strong minded and beaked. lol Little known fact whilst Koalas are lovely cuddly looking creatures, You do not want to be camping under trees or near trees with them about as they fight and call out too each other all night especially if its mating season horrible noises. We camped in an area in Victoria and it was horrendous. You were so fortunate to get so close to a wild Koala.

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    1. I agree with you all the way, Tazzie 🙂 Cockies are nice but their beaks are just so strong that anyone should keep their fingers away from it 😛

      I also heard that wild koala mating racket, while camping with Miriam… Wow, they are noisy!! It’s incredible to think that such cute & sleepy anymals can be such a disturbance, hehehehe

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  2. My first stuffed toy as a child was a koala bear, cleverly named Koala, and I gripped it so tightly that you can still see where my fingers wore all his fur away (I still have him on a shelf in my office). I would give anything to pet a real one! And you look great!


    1. Awww you’re so sweet! Thank you 🙂

      Like (almost) anyone else, I loved koalas before visiting Australia… But I never would have imagined the feeling of touching a wild one. It was almost like patting a unicorn 😉 I wish you get to experience it too someday!! xx

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