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I wonder if weird  is going to become the new normal.

For the last month, life has been a fast tumble down the hill of weird, weirder and I sure don’t feel like we’ve seen the weirdest just yet.

This morning, I am sitting in my bedroom, wearing my favorite pajamas, working. Well, not actually working, since the company that employs me is technically closed, but refuses to give our call center a break. So I am just sitting here, waiting for calls that won’t come, while Chéri is in the living room, doing his job.

I read somewhere that around the world, something like 3 billion people have been asked to do what Prime Minister Justin Trudeau brilliantly summed up: “Go home, and stay home!” That’s a whole lot of people.

Let’s just say that if we asked 3 billion people to hold each other’s hand, and make a chain, that chain would cover the entire border between Canada and the US, from coast to coast… 337 times!! But that’s very unlikely to happen, because neither US nor Canada would allow such a large gathering of people, and need I mention that hand holding is not a very popular thing to do in either countries nowadays? Plus, if you’ve been paying attention, I did say that these people were supposed to stay home, and not attend a “catch-my-covid” party at the border!

Unless… The 3 billion asked to stay home are home, and these 3 billion traveled from places where they are still free to do whatever they want. But that would have to be in North America, because good luck trying to find planes tickets for such a crowd!! That would mean only 1.5 bilion people left to make sure that the world is business as usual… Which isn’t really true. Considering that elders and kids should not be in charge of keeping Life somewhat normal, that leaves us with less than a billion people working while others are either too old, too young, at home or holding hands at the border.

That’s just not fair!

Now, what was I saying?

Oh, yes… So here I am, spending my first day (not) working from home. I have plenty of food, some medecine (just in case) and The Internets are working, so I am all good! I should be able to spend the next three weeks indoors, just like the government requested.

I don’t know if you are isolated at home too… But it is most likely, since almost half of all the human beings are. If so, do you share this feeling of being grounded? Then again, I wouldn’t really know the feeling, since I don’t recall my parents grounding me as a child.

Anyhow, I am Under the impression that Life decided to punish us. It put up with our silly human ways for years and decades, and finally put its foot down. I can almost hear it shouting at us…

“Enough is enough!! You’ve been running around, messing everything up, not caring about your planet!! I’ve tried to warn you time and time again, but you just don’t listen! That’s it!! You’re grounded!!! Now go back to your room, and think about what you did, dang brat!” 

And there will be a lot of time to think… And I’m not sure that’s a good thing for me. My brain gets a little weird when I let it do whatever it pleases.

But it is a fact that grounding us is having positive effects on the environment already! In China, the air pollution has dropped so drastically that NASA can see the improvement from up above. The same is happening in Italy and Spain too. And in Italy the confinement, has had an effect on the water, which is now clearer in Venise. Dolphins have also returned to a harbour that had been deserted by the happy Flippers, due to pollution and the heavy boat traffic.

Is this pandemic what we needed to turn things around, in regards to environment? Is that our chance to make Earth great again? Which makes me wonder…. Could Miss Thunberg have anything to do with all of this??

Oh sneaky Greta!!

Don’t forget, she’s a Viking… And what Vikings want, Vikings get!!




Stay safe and have a nice grounding time!!



10 thoughts on “Grounded…

  1. our rivers are looking blue……BLUE! I have never seen a blue water river and I am well over 60 years young now. Pretty sure this is ol mother Earth’s way of getting us to pay attention………and yes, I am bored out of my mind. I can’t harass the legislators……I can’t go on sit-in’s to annoy them. I can’t walk in protest of anything. What am I supposed to be doing?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. LOOOL Poor Suze…. I guess you’ll just have to be creative to keep protesting in some way! And anyone who knows you, knows that your creativity has no limit 😉 xx


  2. In not sure what the.Ohio looks like because I am stuck in a nursing home doing Rehab! Should have been released days ago but we are quarantined! No visitors, no talking to neighbors in the hall, nothing! Boredom reigns supreme. But on the bright side, the food is so bad I have lost two sizes! AND on the bad side, it means having to find new clothes when none of the stores are open and I don’t have any money for that anyway! I think I’ll just stay in bed — which I should have done before I broke my leg in the first place!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I feel for you, but at least, you’re safe where you are… I hope you’ll be safe home when you get your release from the nursing home. *Sending warm thoughts*

      Oh, by the way… Welcome to The Cove!! xx


    1. Yeah, I think it could be… But I am being cautious, I know that we haven’t seen the worst of this crisis just yet. I might change my mind and just think this pandemic is a curse on humanity if things go really bad. Welcome back home, is Biasini back too?


  3. wow yeah! This is definitely so weird! Life is getting weirder and weirder by the day now! But I hope your doing well in isolation Cyranny! When is Canada lifting lockdown a little? Ireland lifts ours a little on the 18th!


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