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His lullabies…



Oh, how I long
To be your song
The only one
You want to hum…
Your favorite tune
Your one and only
Your sweetest treat,
Salt of your sea…
The only thing
Looking good enough
Around your neck
Skin on skin
Messy victory and
Most beautiful wreck…
Musical giggles
Symphonic cries,
Let rain on me
Your lullabies!

10 thoughts on “His lullabies…

  1. I really like your poetry/writing.  It’s very easy to put yourself into it and feel it.  Not many writers can do that with me. Keep it up.  I’m trying to get there. Larry HokeArlington,  Texas 

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    1. Thank you so much for your kind words, Larry 🙂 I am really glad my poetry speaks to you… It is a sweet reward to know that my words can travel and move others! Please know you’re always welcome in my Cove… xx


    1. Thank you, Rob 🙂 I have to tell you… When I was in Australia, Miriam and I shared thoughts about you (only good stuff… who could find anything negative to say about you??) She told me about your collaboration and I must say, I am sooo jealous of her 😉

      Who knows… Maybe someday I’ll write something worth sending you, so you can dress it with your beautiful music! In the meanwhile, I hope you’re safe… xx

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    1. Thank you Simon 🙂 Things are ok here… The anxiety level is pretty high above normal, but I am doing well. I think Quebec’s Prime Minister has been doing a great job so far, and we might be among the luckiest people in the world when all of this is behind us. But we haven’t seen the worst just yet, so I keep my guards up. 🙂

      I really hope you’re doing well too! xx


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