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Almost done… Already??



Well, this journey is already coming to its end.

What probably started with a simple ”Why don’t we go to Australia” while watching a Masterchef episode or talking about the many amazing people I have come to know through WordPress, turned up into a three weeks long tour around Oz.

And what a trip it has been.

Now back in Sydney, enjoying a couple more days in the Harbour City, I am going through the many pictures taken, and the small souvenirs gathered along our way, and getting ready to share them… When I’ll be back to ”real life” (ughh).

In the meanwhile, here are a couple of pictures, to give you a taste of what we’ve seen and experienced.



Sydney, the Harbour City!




Beautiful Melbourne 



St-Kilda, and its friendly penguins…



The majestic Grampians, just breath taking.



The Great Ocean Road in reverse, but you surely won’t notice. Hehehehe



Hot hot hot Cairns!



Kuranda in the mountains… and its day-full of activities.



A swim by the Great Coral Reef… 



Gorgeous Brisbane (our stay was far from long enough…)



Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary AKA Paradise for animal lovers like me!



And we are back in Sydney. With so little time left… *sigh*


But we still have about 36 hours to go, and we’ll make the most out of them! You can trust me, hehehehehe.

Since I have a feeling that my next post will be written in Montréal, I’d like to thank three amazing bloggers that made our trip extra special…

First and foremost, Miriam and her husband, who accepted to guide us through some of their favorite Victoria sites. Our camping excursion was far more than just a five days mini trip. It was the beginning of a sincere friendship, and I can’t wait to tell more about our shared adventures. Because, yeah… It was epic, in the best way!

Than you, Amanda! Meeting another Danophile, especially so far away from home, has been unique and unforgettable. I sometimes felt a little alone with my obession, and it was awesome to share thoughts about both Australia and Vikingland with you. Our meeting was short, but very meaningful to me… You are one incredible woman, and I feel lucky we got to meet!

The last person I’d like to thank probably wouldn’t want public thanks, and I’ll respect that. But you know who you are… and if you are reading this, thank you for following my whereabouts from afar. I might not get the chance to meet you in person this time, but you know what they say… Never say never!

And I definately am not a ”never” kind of girl!


7 thoughts on “Almost done… Already??

  1. I want to ride the ferris wheel looking thing, that looks like fun.
    And the koala statue made me smile.

    Have fun with what time is left!


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