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If there’s something Danish…



Even while enjoying my vacation in Oz, my Danish radar is always on. Always!

And if there was one Danish thing in Australia, I was going to find it… LOL It only took me three days to notice the following:



Danish flag?? I had to check the building!



I hope someday, one of my first encounter will be important enough for such a sign πŸ˜›



Andersen’s Ice Cream stand, Darling Harbour, Sydney.


A lot clearer now…



Of course I had to try a Danish nougat milkshake, hehehe…. (Btw, Yuuuuummmm)



And I found these at Coles (Australian supermarket chain)… Again, yumm!


I wish I had the energy to write more, or at least something more interesting… But the 14 hours jetlag hit me big time. My body hasn’t adjusted just yet, and I find myself waking up way before sunrise, and dozing off just before dinner. I am working on that!

For now, I have to go to bed.

But not before sharing the highlight of my day:



My very first koala!! (real one… in person and everything!!)


6 thoughts on “If there’s something Danish…

  1. OH my gosh, LOVEEEE the Koala!!!! Welcome to Australia, so cool that you found Danish food there! πŸ™‚ I can believe you being tired. rest up, we will be here when you are refreshed! πŸ™‚ Eager to see and hear about more adventures and oh still envying you about the Koala! πŸ™‚


  2. Good to read, that you are enjoying your trip and adventures, Cyranny πŸ˜€
    Beautiful koala.
    Are you going to Sydney too? If so, visit the opera house, at least from outside. It is drawn by a Danish man.


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