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First day in Sydney…



Now, I should already be in bed…

We traveled 26 long hours to cover the distance between Montréal and Sydney. All went fairly well, and we thought we’d take a nap and then start discovering the city.

Guess what? It’s 10h30 pm, and we haven’t slept yet ( well, not totally accurate… Chéri slept on the couch while I showered, and then took care of the dinner’s dishes – I suspect that he faked sleeping not to have to clean the plates)


I should hit the sack soon, otherwise, I’ll just end up sleeping on the couch of our lovely apartment. But I wanted to leave a first tangible proof that I am, indeed in Oz! (And soooooo enjoying summer while temperatures are in the minus twenties at home – LOL)

You might recognize these places… I hope you’ll enjoy the way I caught them.



The Sydney Harbour Bridge



Sydney’s Opera House


Oh, and before anyone complains… I did listen to the many of you Lovelies who expressed the interest in a ”Happy Dance” video from yours truly. Since I am such a people pleaser… Here it is 😉



Note that Chéri hadn’t taken his medicine yet, and that he was obviously off-balanced by my request to be filmed dancing in a public place. His shaking wasn’t intentionnal… Hehehe.

10 thoughts on “First day in Sydney…

  1. what a great happy dance! that picture of the opera house is really interesting. I have never seen it filmed from that direction and it’s even better than I thought it was! Enjoy your time there….


  2. Have a wonderful time! BTW, if it’s not a big ask, can you please visit Patagonia on the way back and visit my blog? I don’t have a visit from there yet. If it’s not a hassle. And Greenland, too. They’re both on the way home. 😉


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