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Above the clouds…



She couldn’t recall a quieter day in her life.

All day, they had walked in silence. Hours of threading the freshly burnt soil, a scarf wrapped over their noses and mouths, to keep them from breathing in the fine ashes lingering in the air like threatening grey snow.

Neither she, nor Vohne felt like talking. She didn’t even care to read is mind, as they slowly approached the mountains. It wasn’t the sight of devastation that troubled her, but the fact that after the previous day’s incessant thundering, everything was now still. So very, very still.

Cibelle wondered if Hell’s Dogs were simply at rest, or if they were waiting to embush them. She had a third option in mind, but she dared not to give it much thought. What if the wave of destruction was now rolling down the other side of the mountains, heading for the villages below? She just couldn’t imagine the carnage that might be going on, in her childhood hamlet. Death rummaging through the humble houses, stealing every life standing in its way, and setting fire to the empty homes.

She should have enjoyed the break, but when the ground shook under their feet, at least Vohne and she could feel if the dark force was getting closer, or building a distance between them.

Standing in the middle of a black and white nowhere, Cibelle halted. Her hand leaving Vohne’s as he took a couple more steps, her lover stopped aswell. Turning her way, obviously wondering why she wouldn’t keep going, so close to the mountains’ feet, he pulled the scarf from his face, but couldn’t speak.

I need to rest, Love. We’re so close… I have to focus before we get there.

It was getting dark, even if the day wasn’t over yet. Without saying a word, Vohne sat in the dusty ashes and invited Cibelle to join him. She kneeled down, and loved herself against his body, her head resting on his lap.

A moment later, she was sitting again on the clouds above. She used to love escaping to this magical place. It was her haven, her happy place, but she had never needed being there as much as she did now.

The feather-like carpet felt like heaven after the long day of walking on rocks and burnt tree’s shards. Cibelle didn’t want to look down, and imagine what menace lay before them in the days to come… Instead, she stared at the shining sun, hypnotized by it’s warming light.

Uncounsciously, a wordless lullaby escaped her lips as she went into a transe. She sang for what felt like hours, feeding on the sun’s energy and calling out to the universe. How could she ever be up to the challenge of protecting Vohne from this evil force below? If only Claudius was still with her to lead her…

As she prepared to go back to Vohne, a dark blur entered her visual field. Contrasting with the last of day’s light, a tall black winged silhouette appeared above the horizon. Mesmerized by the vision, Cibelle lingered a little longer. Something felt familiar in the dark character’s face, but she just couldn’t say where she had seen it.


Distressed, as she realized who she’d have to protect Vohne from, she fled back down, wondering how much more challenging this fight would be.

The fight would be much more than a matter of sheer power.


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6 thoughts on “Above the clouds…

    1. I’m so happy to read this, Cheryl πŸ™‚ I still want to take the whole ”saga” offline to work on it more seriously, but with our trip coming soon, I thought I’d add an episode or two, and postpone all of this a little. Thank you for your constant support! xx


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