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How do you do it? Really, you’ll have to tell me someday…
I am lost and helpless when you walk in the room. One look,
and I lift off, toes wiggling in the air, levitating above the
ground. It’s probably this flock of stomach butterflies, tickling
my belly with their incessant wing flapping. Whatever it is,
don’t ever dare changing your ways. Because I never want to
land. Never… Let me revolve around you, feed me helium kisses,
and let me be your satellite. Your magic makes life worth living…

6 thoughts on “Satellite…

    1. Lovely addition to this piece, Brutus 🙂 Thank you, once again… I hope you are doing well again, after the unexpected hospital stay during the holidays. *Sending warm thoughts your way* 🙂


    1. Hehehe I am glad you enjoyed the image 🙂 I’m happy you got my little card (although a little late for the holidays, sorry about that!) I wish you an amazing New Year!! *Warm kisses from Freezingland*


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