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Not bad at all…




Of course, I would have gladly skipped the working part, today, but I must say that it is a lovely day to start the year…

Sending you all, Lovelies, a little bit of Freezingland’s Sunshine!

If 2019 has been harsh on you, may 2020 treat you better… If 2019 was awesome, may you get another round, and enjoy yourself even more this year!

*Big hugs*

11 thoughts on “Not bad at all…

  1. I love that my silliness has spread throughout the bloggosphere! Freezingland…bloggery, bloggosphere, doofus, blathering…….yea, Suzisms all over! May 2020 bring you many many more of these wondrous words……love ya! 😛


  2. Lovely. Sounds like the prairies are in for some “normal” cold weather after our abnormally warm start to the new year. P.S. Thank you for the Christmas card! Hope your 2020 is wonderful.


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