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Cyranny’s quickie!




Are you more of a talker, or a listener?



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12 thoughts on “Cyranny’s quickie!

    1. Hahahahaahah… I’ll know how to get you talking, then, if we ever meet in person 😉 I’m more of a listener too. As a kid, I was a real blabber-machine. Now, I can easily sit in the middle of a group and only speak up if I get asked something…

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  1. I talk as little as possible, but I probably don’t listen all that well either. I go through life reacting to impressions – fairly vague pictures of what is actually going on.
    I recently had to make a speech at a wedding. Fortunately everyone was drunk and it worked out OK. But I didn’t enjoy it. I am very shy.
    So ….. given the choice of talking or listening (or pretending to), listening wins every time.

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  2. It depends on the person and social situation. If it’s an environment I feel comfortable in, I will start talking and not shut up. But if there’s too many people and especially ones I don’t know, I will remain quiet. I am always afraid of saying something stupid and looking like a fool.


  3. I am more of a listener unless I am with someone and they are not talking or talking much. Then I feel that I need to start a conversation or maintain one or I am being rude or unsocial. But then I feel I talk way to much.


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