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5 good things about winter!




Mr Frost has arrived much sooner than we expected him this year. I am sure my fellow Canadian bloggers, and many from the U.S. too will agree… We could have waited a little more.

But winter’s here, and I thought that instead of whining, I could point out positive things about the white stuff! So here are five good reasons to like winter, after all!


It is beautiful… (from inside)

If you live in an area where snow takes over at this time of the year, you must admit… Even if it is far from pleasant to spend hours plowing it out of your way, it still is beautiful to watch the ballet of snowflakes, when you don’t have to go out. Especially when it’s really sticky, and slowly decorates the leaf-less trees. Pour yourself a mug of your favorite hot drink, wrap yourself in a blanket and enjoy the show… While you can!


It givesΒ you something to talk about

It’s a well known thing that people like to talk about the weather when making smalltalk. And snow is much more entertaining than any other type of weather! Wether it is about how much has fallen, how much will fall, and when that will be, snow will always save you from an awkward silence by the coffee machine. It also gives gossip a break, at the office, and it brings people closer, when everyone had to dig their car out of the snowbank in the morning…


It allows you to be late

You just can’t blame rain for being late, where ever you have to be. But snow… Snow is a God-given reason for not being on time! No one will blame you for getting to a meeting half an hour later than expected, when you had to face a blizzard to get there. And that’s if you don’t decide to postpone said meeting, because, you know… That’s a whole lot of snow outside!


Makes IQ visible to the naked eye

Ok, there are exceptions, but overall, you can spot clever people easily in winter time. They are the ones only showing a little bit of their face, while outside in the cold. I don’t care how well you persuade yourself that you’re not freezing, if you’re not wearing warm boots, coat, gloves, scarf and something on your head, you’re not cool! Same goes with girls showing some leg at minus twenty degrees… That’s not sexy, gal, that’s dumb!


Purses are no longer needed

That’s one of my personal favorites… I don’t know what’s the thing with winter coats and HUGE pockets, but I love it! It just seems like winter coat designers want us, women to be able to carry a surviving kit with us at all times. My guess is that it is directly related to winter’s lack of sexyness. The rest of the year, these large pockets would be very unflattering on a woman’s hips. Especially full with a wallet, keys, lip balm, hand sanizer, a hammer and a set of traction aids… You know, the essential!


How about you? What do you like about snow and winter time?

7 thoughts on “5 good things about winter!

  1. The initial part made me envy you πŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆ I so want to experience snowfall 😭😭
    Here in India, rains are definitely an excuse to get late. I wonder why you can’t say that in Canada..
    The IQ reason gave me such a good laugh πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I recalled the times when I used to joke with my friends about the ‘sexy’ girls not feeling cold. 🀣
    And I love pockets too. I think every woman does. 😁


  2. Great post. Ah, winter in Canada! Right now on the prairies our snow is all but gone, as we’ve had some nice days. It won’t be long until we’re in the deep freeze.


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