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Cyranny’s quickie!




What’s a moment of your life that would make an interesting movie?



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6 thoughts on “Cyranny’s quickie!

  1. Between 2012 through to 2017.
    Got engaged, my office closed , my fiance’ broke off engagement, had a mental breakdown, he kicked me out, I was homeless, and worked on getting better, all to finally get out of a transitional housing program in 2017. Lot’s of violence and survived it.


  2. Ay karumba!
    My friends think my life is a movie.
    I think it would be one of those ones that goes on forever – like the entire Anne of Green Gables series.

    Caramel as a child in an absolute world of her own telling all the kids around her they have it all wrong and constantly getting herself into hot water. Not understanding what it is that the world wants from her. Just getting on with life the way she thinks she is supposed to.

    Caramel after puberty – finding men are rather a strange breed as it turns out but finding safety in the arms of her teenage sweetheart. Caramel finding purpose in all the voluntary work she does with charities and meeting inspirational people and travelling to amazing places.

    Caramel after she has ended the courtship with her childhood sweetheart. Focusing on volunteering and all the joy it brings but then crossing paths with a man who knocks her off her feet and leaves her bewildered. Tensions building between him and her. Signs of exhaustion showing after all the work she has been devoted to. The first overwhelming challenges of her life as she faces trolling and bullying. Her first taste of despair and being the victim of a terrible crime.

    Caramel trying to rebuild her life – meeting discouragement and frustration. Meeting various setbacks on her road to getting back on her feet. Eventually finding somewhere safe to live and work she enjoys. meeting Goldfinch, enjoying romantic love for the first time in years. Coming to terms with him moving back home. Realizing she is carrying his child. Suffering a miscarriage. Saving every penny she can to go and visit him. Feeling incredibly happy during the summer she spends with him. Coming home and feeling lost without him. Receiving a surprise phone call from the man who she has always known was like a soulmate to her, but with whom things went terribly wrong.

    And life goes on…who knows what will happen next? It is way more exciting than any movie. I am just glad no alien space ships have appeared yet. Way too much other drama has been coming my way for a long time.


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