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Random Danish memories…




Happiness lies in the little things of Life.

And one of the simple little things that reminds me of my good times in Denmark is remoulade. The condiment is an absolute must in an Danish family’s fridge. It is a bit like a mayonaise, pimped with chopped onions, pickels and capers.

It isn’t the fanciest Danish thing to eat, but if I Denmark could be bottled up, it would most probably be under the form of remoulade (or akvavit… Ahhhh, akvavit!! LOL). Everytime I travel to Vikingland, I buy a couple of bottles from the dutyfree, on my way back. I even got some by mail, once, from someone who knew dang well about my love for the tasty sauce.




Remoulade can be eaten with pretty much anything you’d like… While touring around Denmark, I used it as a perfect complement to a selection of cheese and cold cuts I made sure to carry at all times, because you never know when you’ll need a quick snack!

But there are some classic matches between Danish dishes and my dear remoulade…  Here are four of them, hoping you’ll find them mouth-wathering too!



The smørrebrød

The Danish open sandwiches can be found just about anywhere. On a slice of rye bread, anything from cold cuts, boiled eggs to shrimps and fresh fish is neatly put together with veggies, cheese and…. Remoulade, of course! No wonder the Danes have forgotten about topping their smørrebrød with another slice of bread. They look like little art pieces, ready to fill your bellies!



The fisk frikkadeler

The fluffy fishcakes are also a a classic of homemade Danish cuisine. You’ll find them in restaurants, and in grocery stores, and usually come with boiled potatoes and pickled cucumbers as a siding. Don’t be shy with remoulade… You can thank me later! Oh, and in some cities, streetfood stands offer a burger version of the frikkadeler. Definately worth a try too!



The fiskefilet

If you prefer your fish a little more ”natural”, here’s another good reason to take the remoulade bottle out of the fridge! Usually made with rødspætte filets cooked with a very thin and crispy crust. Simple, but why complicate things when it just works!



The Danish hot dogs

Oh my… Why someone would visit Denmark and not taste one of these, is beyond me! I now have a tradition of seeking a hot dog stand as soon as I land in Copenhagen. With a Cocio, or a cold beer, they are the perfect meal-to-go. Remoulade (yes, please!!), a little bit of ketchup, dried onions and freshly pickled cucumbers… The Danish hot dogs are a mess to eat, but just take a couple of paper towels, and you’ll be just fine!


Bon appétit!! Or as the Danes would say, velbekomme!!

8 thoughts on “Random Danish memories…

  1. I remember thinking it was interesting to see how polish sausages had become so popular in Denmark… Turned out to be a translation error on my part, based on my assumption that pølse must mean “polish” (as that is pretty much what that would sound like in Dutch). :p


  2. Nice memories, Cyranny 😀
    Several years ago, I last tasted Danish Rye Bread in a Danish manner. Did you ever get served Torskerogn (cod roe) with Remoulade and toasted onions and lemon? Or Torskelever (cod liver) with lots of lemon and Remoulade?
    You can make Frikadeller in many ways. Either with grounded cod meat, salmon meat, or at mix of those. Old Danish style with grounded pig meat. I have used grounded chicken, turkey, calf or lamb too. Not all are good with Remoulade 😀


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