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Visit to the post office… – FFFC



Please tell me you were kidding, George!

The two elder men stood in the dusty room, after promising to take the keys back to the building’s manager after having a look around. George was a smooth talker, and had easily convinced the young man that he had worked at the old post office before it was closed down and moved from the train station to the downtown building where it was still doing business…

You know damn well that Edward is senile since his old lady died. 

George didn’t even seem to catch the warning, which wasn’t surprising at all, having a very selective hearing.

Ahhh, shut up, and start looking around Fred. I didn’t bring you along to sit in a corner and whine!

Aside from the dirt that had piled on the counters and shelves, the room hadn’t changed one tiny bit, during the fifty or so years it had been locked down and unused. George’s knotty fingers were scrapping the bottom of the many drawers, only pulling out dated flyers, stamp panphlets and other useless scrap.

Come on, Fred… What do you have to lose?

Both men moved to the box-shelves that had been used for decades, to sort letters and packages from around the world. George coughed, the dust bunnies agravating his breathing, but that wouldn’t stop him.

It’s gotta be there… I just want ol’ Eddy to regret bragging about this!

Suddenly, Fred waved for George to join him at the main desk, then pointed to what looked like a double bottomed drawer. Pulling out a thin plank of wood, George spotted the thick yellowed envelope. With trembling fingers, he opened it to see the pile of dollar bills…

See? I told you… The old fart was a crook, alright, but he’s not a liar!



Via Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge




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