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Random Danish memories…



Backstreet in Helsingør.


In life, not everything is black & white…

We sail in a colorful world, that often distracts us from lines, curves and textures we don’t even see anymore. We wander, trying to flee from the ordinary. We yearn to be wowed, by anything big, grand and breathtaking.

I miss Denmark today. A little more than usual… Not the impressive castles, or the touristic sightseeing sites. I miss taking walks in quiet neighborhoods, exploring alleys foreigners don’t care for… Chasing the small and discreet touches of charm, spread here and there in shadowy backstreets.

I miss collecting memories nobody else will remember, here. Stealing the usual, the uninteresting, mundane sights, Danes take for granted.

I close my eyes, and escape.

I can almost smell the salty sea… Almost feel the breeze in my hair… Almost hear the symphony of bicycle bells, and the belfries’ melody.

I wash Denmark from its vibrant colors, and I follow my own steps to places I got lost in, once upon a time… Enjoying the raw beauty of the ordinary.

Wanna come take that walk with me?




Apartment building in Amagerbro.



Nørrebro street view.



Flower gardens, in beautiful Aalborg.



Refreshing sight in Silkeborg. 

9 thoughts on “Random Danish memories…

    1. Thank you, Irene 🙂 I can only imagine the amazing souvenirs you have from your years living there… I am not worried that I’ll find my way back again. Sooner than later, hopefully!! xx

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