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The Quest… – FFFC




And now what?????

Cameron stood at the edge of the forest and stared between the tall trees. Knowing all too well that he was scared to death of getting lost in the woods, she had assured him that she’d meet him at the border of their worlds.

He had done everything she had requested from him. He had the plans in his shirt pocket, and he patted his chest, just to be sure it was still there. Cameron had spent so many hours drawing it, paying attention to every detail. A  hundred times, he had thrown the draft to the garbage, and started over. She deserved nothing but perfection, and he believed she would be pleased with his final version.

He had finished it just in time too.

She had promised the sky would be clear on their set date, as always, she was right. While he waited for her to appear to show herself to him, at long last, he had seen it. The sun slowly setting in his back, the full blue moon rose above the trees’ canopy. For a moment, Cameron held his breath.

He had made it!

Oh how they had laughed at him for trying, back when he still shared his thoughts about his quest with the guys. But after a while, he had become more secretive… Working late at night, when most people were sound asleep. He could always rest after completing his task.

And now that he was finally standing there, he wondered if any of her words had eluded him. No way! He had done everything right! And had waited patiently for what felt like hours…

What now??? Godammit!! 


A siren resonated from a distance. The bastards had called the cops, again. And they would take him back to the asilum… Again.



Via Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge 

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