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The hunt…





Under the moon
Let her swoon,
Preying on fresh
Wild viril flesh…
Dreaming of
Strong hands running,
Raining kisses
Stretching hours of bliss…
The Forbidden touch
Of fingers lost,
Hungry smile
And servile thighs,
Indecent murmurs
In the still of the night…

She runs blindly!
Guided only,
By the haunting smell
Of a lover-to-be…
Out of breath and
Oh! So thirsty,
Jumping straight to the neck!
Bringing him to his knees,
In the moon’s glare
She whispers softly,
Panting from the race
‘’Will you be He?’’

17 thoughts on “The hunt…

    1. I should keep the link close by for a reblog this winter, when we’re freezing our butts 😛 Thank you for the kind words, Beckie!! Always so nice to know you’ve enjoyed your reading 🙂 xx

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      1. I’m doing good… Not going to complain about the warmth, winter will be back soon enough, but the heat waves are pretty intense. We don’t get much rain either, which is pretty cool (but not in the ”cold way” LOL) 🙂

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      2. I haven’t vacationed in Montreal in about 5 years now. Last time I remember we were there end of May (my younger brother and I) and it was quite hot even for the end of May. I’m sorry about the heat waves and hope you have fans and air conditioning. Interesting you don’t get rain. I would’ve thought close enough to the St. Lawrence you might. We’ve had very few hot days, but some storms at night. Most days are nice, just perfect, with a few cold ones. Summer is my fav b/c of all the festivals and I know you’ve got some great ones there too. Enjoy, and have a good week:)

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      3. Oh yeah, even if the city has festivals going on all year long, summer is definately the period of the year when it is alive 24/7!

        At home we have AC in our room, so we sleep well… and we just try to remember how harsh winter will be in a few months. It’s enough not to complain about the heat 😛

        Have a lovely week too, dear 🙂 xx

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