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This rant is taking off in 3…2…1!


I am sorry for having been quiet in the Bloggosphere today. I spent most of my afternoon and evening genuinely pissed off. If you’ve been a regular in The Cove for the past almost four years, you know that our office has been constantly short of at least one person since I started this blog.

Booh Boss hates me with a passion, and I’ve come to excel at ignoring her comments and nasty ways. Her meanness now runs like water on a duck’s back. It probably annoys her all the more!

But every now and then, she still finds a way to really make me blow a fuse.

Like today.

A new guy has been hired a couple of weeks back, to try to complete our team. Good news, so far. This man is starting his training next Monday, and Booh Boss was about to give him said training.

Yes, was.

Today I received an email basically saying the following:



As you already know Mr.X will be joining the team next Monday. I heard that you expressed an interest in giving training in the past. I thought I could take care of Mr.X’s first two weeks, and then provide you with the necessary documents, so you can take him over, starting August 5th!

Thanks, and have a good day,

Booh Boss


I think I’d be a great trainer. I vulgarize well, I am patient and I get along with most people. But I expressed that will 9 years ago. When I was naive enough to think that my hard work on the phone would get some kind of recognition.

I am no longer interested in sharing my knowledge with the new guy, for several reasons. First, because the last trainers were working four days a week, which seems fair. I would be giving my thirty five hours of training and doing my load of overtime. The previous trainers had at least a month to prepare their training, when I would get about two weeks to the most, to get ready to teach this guy my job, over a period of roughly six months! But most of all, Booh Boss has let me know so many times that she thought my work sucks (I disagree, after nine years, I can’t be that bad!) that I don’t see the point in passing on my precious knowledge to this lucky guy!

I kept myself from answering straight back. Not that I didn’t want to, but the reply would have been less than professional, and probably a bit too emotionnal. Instead, I thought I’d write a couple of examples of what I felt like sending back, here. Hoping that venting will allow me to say no in a more appropriate way.


First, I thought about not answering at all. And when she’d ask why she hadn’t heard from me, I’d simply answer: Oh, sorry… I thought you were joking!!


Second try, the long shot:

Thank you for the opportunity being offered, but I must decline. As much as I would like to add the ”training” experience to my resumé, I don’t feel like the right person to take on the task. If I had only been prepared… But a two weeks notice is not enough to provide a good coaching, in my opinion. If I might add, it would have been nice to be asked in person, instead of receiving a quick note by email… Oh, and knowing for a fact that everyone else in the office was informed before me did help me decide I didn’t really want the job, after all. You can thank me later, because you won’t have to say, behind my back, ”no wonder he’s so lousy, she trained him!”


Third try, the cocky shot:

Thank you for the offer, but I just want to remind you that I can barely do the job myself. I sincerely don’t think it is a good idea to choose me as Mr.X’s teacher. I can only pass on bad habits, and therefore, I think you’ll have to find someone else.


Fourth try, the ”short and sweet” shot:



I’m still letting the dust settle. I know I’ll find a respectful way to refuse the training. If needed, I’ll go to Booh Boss’ boss to make my point. I’m not as dumb as I can look. I just pretend to be soft skinned.

Someone’s about to learn that.

Rant over. Now back to our regular program….

26 thoughts on “This rant is taking off in 3…2…1!

    1. Glad you had a good laugh 😉 It is a ridiculous situation… I’d like to do it, and I believe I’d nail the job offered on a silver platter… But coming from a back stabbing boss, I have a feeling I’d get a bad review in the end anyway…. *uuuuugh*

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  1. Many people can’t stand to get power without ending up being negatively bossy, Cyranny.
    All good luck to you. I will understand, if you try to find another working place, where they will respect you and your work. Why work for such an i….

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    1. Thank you Irene 🙂 I think I went the smart way. I requested a meeting with Booh Boss’ boss, to point out how ridiculous the situation was… I dealt a give and take bargain, that I believe to be fair for everybody. More details coming soon 🙂

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  2. Oooh shes pulling out all the stops to piss you off. Maybe you could try the sarcastic but plausible approach of:

    If I’m to take him on after you’ve have trained him for two week sI fail to see what more I can add.

    Or maybe add twist of the knife perhaps with something about how you will make sure that you’ll give him the proper training for how it’s actually done 😉

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    1. Hahahahaha yeah, that would have been cool to play out. I actually dealt with her boss instead. I’ll cover up for a couple of weeks, and not take the whole responsability of the training for this time. Too much work on such short notice, with so much overtime to cover.


  3. ooohhh I have some answers you can go with.

    Please fuck off to fucking beyond and when you get there, shove a cactus up your arse and fuck off further.


    Thank you so much for the opportunity, I would love to take on this extra responsibility for the following proviso, as other trainers have four weeks to prepare and I only have 2, thus doubling the workload on this, trainers earn xyz an week, I am asking for the next 2 weeks double the weekly trainers wage on top of mine. As it will take up the position of training him, I feel that my wage needs to reflect that I am training on top of all my usual jobs, this you can imagine, is a great pressure and I feel that on a temporary 6 months contract I be paid (your wage plus trainers wage)

    Or you could get off your arse and train him yourself.

    Yours sincerely


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    1. LOL Can I have you as my official agent? You could talk to Booh Boss on my behalf, and I’d pay you big bucks just for watching her face when she listens to you!!

      Jokes aside, I decided to go straight to her boss’ office, and dealt a compromise. I’ll cover only for Booh Boss’ 2 weeks vacation, at the end of August, and made it clear that the way I was asked, the short notice, and the lack of preparation were ridiculous, if not insulting. I also let him know that she was making me feel like I didn’t work well, and tried to make me feel like a piece of shit. When I told the only co-worker I really trust in the office, she high fived me for having the balls to tell on Booh Boss. No one had the guts in the past…. Yay me! 😛

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    1. Hahahahahaha thanks Beckie 🙂

      I finally decided to have a long chat with the big boss of my department to point out how ridiculous this really was. He was forced to say that I was right, and since I agreed to help them in a reasonable extent, I think I won a precious ally in the office…. To be continued 😛

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    1. I thought so too… And by far the funniest to send back, in my opinion 😛

      But I went for the strategic way… Heading for her boss’ office and dealing like Dad taught me. (he’s a hardcore bargainer) Give and take can take you a long way 😉


  4. My adult kids always just ask for a lot more money in their jobs in situations like this. My son usually gets it and then has to do the work but as he is then being paid mega bucks he thinks it is ok.

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    1. Wise kids… I finally made a deal with my boss’ boss to only help them out, for a couple of weeks this time…

      But I am definately writing to our union to ask for a bonus if they want me as a trainer for a future candidate 😉


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