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Cyranny’s quickie!




Do you trust the justice system, in your home country?




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9 thoughts on “Cyranny’s quickie!

  1. Well, depends on what you consider “my home country”. The country I come from, Germany, I do trust the justice system more than my chosen home country, the UK. I find both seem to be a little lenient towards followers of right-wing propaganda. But both usually give you basic human rights and that is more than many other countries do. In the UK though I am rather worried where things are going with Brexit and the country’s push to leave the jurisdiciary (is that the right word?) Of the European Court of Justice. Why else would you like to leave it than to cut down on our rights? They might say its to defend the country against terrorism etc but in the end its normal people suffering and the “threats” are still there…


  2. Conceptually, yes (US), but in practice there’s so much corruption and it’s unfair the wealthy get to buy their way out. Case in point: a female teacher was just in the news for getting a 20 year prison sentence for having sex with one male student. But a mega rich dude like Jeffrey Epstein skated away with a joke of a sentence the first time for multiple offenses of sex with underage girls. We’ll see what happens now.


  3. My home countries are Canada and England so I do trust their justice systems. Other countries where the origin of their systems is different not so much and totalitarian regimes such as China not at all.


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