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Vacation… SYK



The lovely Candace, from Revenge of Eve, hosts this series called So You Know. Each week, she asks a couple of questions, theme related, and invites bloggers to share their thoughts on the subject.

This week, Candace’s questions are about “vacations“. If you’d like to play along, just answer the questions too in a post of your own, and make sure to link Candace in, so she can come and visit your blog!


So here are this weeks SYK questions:


Do you take a vacation during the summer months? If so, what amount of time do you travel (days, weeks)?

I rarely take actual vacations during summertime. I usually take vacation either in spring, or wait to take them during fall. First because I have more chances of getting the exact dates I want, and also because traveling is usually cheaper! I did, however take last weekend off, as a mini vacation.

Do you meet up with family or friends at the destination?

It really depends… I have spent some vacations by myself. Most times, I travel with Chéri, and sometimes, I go with friends or family. I think all of the above are fun to do, depending on the destination, and what I plan to do there!

What has been your favorite destination spot?

Hmmm… I think everyone is expecting Denmark, right? So, I’m going to say… Oh well, yes, I am that predictable, it is Denmark indeed. But specifically, I would choose Møns Klint or the Skagen area for sightseeing, and Aalborg or Helsingør city-wise.

What has been your worst traveling experience?

I have had absolutely no bad traveling experience. Bad things happened to me, while traveling, but it never was bad enough to make the whole experience an unpleasant memory.

If you do not travel each summer, what do you do to escape your reality?

Living in Montréal, it is easy to schedule activities without having to take time off from work. There are many festivals, and both in and outdoor shows. I also like to go spend a day downtown with my best friend, and just wander around like in my last post If you came to Montréal.


You’re turn now… Tag! You’re it!


9 thoughts on “Vacation… SYK

    1. It was a hard pick, I must say, and my choice would probably change almost daily if I stopped to think about it 😛 I have yet to visit Dragør, and its lovely yellow houses, but I agree that Aarhus is a great place!! What is that little town on Fyn’s name? I have traveled around Fyn a little… I am curious 🙂

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