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People would say,
‘’What a shame,
To have cherished and lost
Love that way!’’
While they pity me,
I beg to differ…
For unconditional love
Dies not, but
Lives on, lingers
And forever,
I get to remember you
Which they will never
Enjoy, not knowing
The warmth of your gaze
On their skin, or
The softness of your breath
On their cheek.
And God is my witness,
One day,
I’ll make you immortal.
They will sigh
With envy…
They’ll envy you,
And they’ll envy me!





This is an original piece of poetic nature, in response to the Word of the Day, and Fandango’s One Word Challenges.

5 thoughts on “Immortal…

    1. This really made me smile! Poetry, to me, is sometimes a little bit like giving clues, and letting people make a story of their own with the pieces of the puzzle. When words resonate with other people’s memories and experiences, that feels really special 🙂 Thank you!! xx


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