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Hungry birds…




Remember Mr Sparrow?

Well, Jack (sorry, my creativity is still sleeping) hasn’t moved the Sparrow family to another nest after all. I think he and the Mrs just did an impressive job at hiding from me for a little while.

But recently, the Sparrow toddlers learnt how to chirp. And I am guessing there’s not much to do in that nest of theirs, because they chirp a lot. And you would be impressed by the decibel level of these two little things! Wow!

From sunrise to sunset, every time Jack or his lovely wife comes to feed them, the chirping starts. And judging from the frequency of the chirping, Mom and Dad are on a constant lookout for bread crumbles and little bugs. Quite frankly, I am getting scared that the Sparrow kids will become chubby like their father, and get trapped in the bird house. I guess that’s what happens to spoiled sparrow children.

I admire all the work required to fill these two mini-bellies. And the more I watch them coming and going, the more I think it was a great idea to invent breasts. Producing baby food and always having it ready to serve is genius… Can you imagine parents running back and forth to the grocery store, several times a day, rushing and hoping their offspring will still be safe at home when they return? And people say that parenting is hard work. Try it sparrow-style, then you can complain!

I wonder if Jack will bring Mrs Sparrow to spend next summer in our bird house again. I do know that sparrows are monogamous, though. Because the Internets told me.

And the Internets don’t lie. Ok, sometimes they do… They actually lie a whole lot. But why would they lie about sparrows mating for life?

That fact got me curious.

Who followed sparrows around long enough to be able to say that they were fateful birds? And how many sparrow couples were studied to establish such a fact? How can anyone pretend that they followed both Mr and Mrs closely enough to prove that they never cheated on each other??

It just can’t be the work of only one person. ThereΒ had to be a whole team of so-called scientists dedicating their lives to ruling out adultery in the world of sparrows… Am I the only one here thinking that this is less science, than it is an unealthy group fixation?

And people think that I am obsessed about Denmark…

19 thoughts on “Hungry birds…

  1. Wow, a great deal of thought went into the studying of sparrow relationships, eh?
    Personally, Idon’t think too many “Mr. Sparrows” are likely to go out clubbing at night and hang out with their buddies or a slutty sparrow. LOL!
    However, I am inclined to watch Canadian Geese a lot and I loe that they only have one mate for life.
    I wish it were only true for human relationships. πŸ’š πŸ’™ πŸ’œ

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    1. Well, if Jack wanted to fool around, he sure missed his chance! These days, he just flies back and forth… He’ll probably need vacations when the babies are ready to fly out of the nest πŸ˜›

      It would be nice… And so much easier! We’ll have to keep watching swans, canadian geese and sparrows, and envy them πŸ˜‰

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  2. I think that their monogamy is strictly based on their place of origin. For example, antithetical to your sparrows, are the Swinging and Shagging Sparrows of the Sixties. Typically found in larger bird houses, they live together in groups of 6 or 7.

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    1. They are very entertaining… I took a picture again today, and a new update is coming πŸ˜› I hope to have time to write it sometime, tomorrow πŸ™‚ *hugs*


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