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Cyranny’s quickie!




What’s one quality that you possess, and you wish everybody else had too?




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39 thoughts on “Cyranny’s quickie!

      1. A Beckie Army!! That would be so cool!! LOL Jokes aside, I know the feeling…. Even when I lack time to scroll around, and get in touch with everybody, I think about a looooot of people almost on a daily basis!

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    1. Oh…. I’d love to be like that. I don’t get ”angry” often, but it often happens that something will upset me when I should just let it go.


      1. I think it can be nurtured and developed. Spending time volunteering and helping others less fortunate and also travelling and seeing first hand how some people have to struggle to survive are two ways that can help to develop empathy I think. When I was a young teenager I volunteered in a soup kitchen making sandwiches for the people who came it. It was a real eye opener for me in my sheltered life and I have never forgotten it. Also the soup kitchen was in a pretty down and out part of town and my Dad would drive me and pick me up ad he did not feel it was safe and he told me so.

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      2. Wow, that’s quite an experience, and it definately must have helped you being more open and considerate to others in general. I think it is admirable that you started as a teenager… Thank you for sharing, Anne 🙂

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