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FFF Challenge – Moon





He moved swiftly, but with confidence… His hands performing a well thought ballet, with an almost chirurgical precision. All smiles, and with a bit of a short breath, as he felt the final result of his hard work coming, he walked around her, checking every subtle detail.

Oh, you’re going to be perfect, just perfect, Sugar!

He fought against the dizzying feeling of almost being done. He knew getting too excited about his piece would lead him to making mistakes. And he had failed a number of times, already. Tonight, he wanted to reach absolute perfection.

He walked around her, once more, judging every angle.

Darling, you are stunning! You’ll take their breath away…

He was adjusting a thing here and there, replacing a lock of hair, helping arch her back a little more, stretching her leg a bit farther to the side, when the clouds parted, revealing the shining full moon.

The soft light embracing her oddly bent, naked body, and he shivered from head to toe. He knew he would someday achieve the tableau just as he had imagined it, but to have it right there, before his eyes made his heart skip a beat.

The moon beams flattered her every curve, and he stared at her silhouette for a while, his heart overwhelmed with pride. He had done it. He had staged the ultimate display of beauty… The long years of trying had been well worth the trouble.

Hearing a familiar sound in the still of the night, he knew it was time to take off. Catching one last glimpse of the moon’s reflection in her wide open eyes, he picked his bag and ran away, soon disappearing in the maze of backstreets.

The fading sound of his footsteps was closely followed by two policemen’s.

Oh Gawd!Β 

The man repressed the need to gag, and nervously spoke into his cb.

Captain, we found her… He’s hit again!



Via Kate’s Friday Foto Fun Challenge:Β Moon

30 thoughts on “FFF Challenge – Moon

      1. LOL what were the odds?? πŸ˜› I agree it is intriguing… I’ve always been interested in these stories. Not for the crimes, but I try to understand that kind of person’s mind… I have so many true story books about serial killers at home, that people could think that I am dangerous LOL

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      2. I did, and it is funny, because we don’t have Netflix at home… so I watched it while I was in Denmark in May πŸ˜›

        I recommend ”The stranger beside me” from Ann Rule. It is my all time favorite book on the subject. It is fascinating, since the writer knew Ted in real life, and was writing the story of his serial killing before anyone knew it was him who did it!

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      3. I will definietly check that one out. Thanks!
        I’ve always been interested in true crimes since I was a little kid. My father used to be a detective.
        Plus, back in the day… When the Charles Lindberg baby was kidnapped and killed, my grandmother was taken into custody, because they thought my Uncle Norman was the Charle Lindberg baby. My granparents had to provide proof that my Uncle Norman was their child. I remember submitting a history paper on that when I was a kid… My grandmother still had the news clippings of when they were accused of it.

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      4. Woa! That’s intense… I can see how having such a story in your family induced a curiosity for that kind of stories!! I’ll go read about the case… Thank you for sharing πŸ™‚

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  1. gruesome it is and your conversation on serial killers just as scary …
    thanks for adding another dimension to the Friday Fun … not really my idea of fun 😦


    1. Hmmm… okie. I intended to make something different, but not shocking. I must admit that I focused on the ”Moon” inspiration, and didn’t think about the ”Fun” part of your challenge… It certainly has nothing to do, with ”fun”.

      Liked by 1 person

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