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I know, I know…



And I don’t need a holiday to remember how important my father is to me. I am very grateful to still have him in my life. But I must say that today, I still felt like I should write a couple of words down, to celebrate Father’s Day… Because this morning, for the first time, I woke up realizing that I could have awakened without a Dad to celebrate.

As some of you already know, Dad had very serious health issues earlier this year, and it was only after a month of hospital stay, scary surgeries, one on top of another unexpected complications, and many sleepless nights that we could finally put it all behind us.

The ”picture” above was taken the day Dad was released from Montréal’s Cardiology Center.  Tired like I had never seen him before, but so happy to be driven home at long last!

Just over two months later, I am glad to say that with patience, hard work and a lot of loving help from Mom, Dad’s progress is beyond what we had hoped for. He has physiotherapy and ergotherapy sessions, twice a week, and the last update on his recovery we got was that he has regained something between 80 and 90% of his full potential. That is amazing to me, and I am incredibly proud of him.

Mom even admitted that he went to work last week.

My parents own a store, that they’ve been running for the last twenty-some years, and both of them worked their fingers to the bones to make it successful. I can only imagine how difficult it must have been, to stay away from the business for almost three months.

I also heard that he got to drive his baby Corvette the other day. Dad is not a man that is attracted to fancy things in general. He doesn’t care for expensive clothing, doesn’t wear any jewelery (not even his wedding ring), and he doesn’t spend money on useless luxuries.

But when my mother got pregnant, he had an old Corvette that he liked a whole lot. I bet he thought of creative ways to keep it, but I am guessing that Mom used her veto on his idea of attaching my baby-seat on the top of the car with duct tape, and he had to sell the car.

For his fiftiest birthday, and with the business going fairly well, he treated himself with a Z06 50th Anniversary Edition. A well earned from me to me gift, if you ask me. And since then, it is his third kid.

So, to know that Dad took it for a ride, and that he went back to the store to catch up with his clients, I know that the dark times we went through in March and April are really behind us all.

Dad’s back on his feet! And I feel very lucky for that.

I said it often, I have amazing parents. They still love each other after almost 45 years of marriage. They are both smart, caring, humble, non-judgemental, generous people. They did everything they had to, to make our childhood comfortable, although they were really tight on money back then.

So when I listen to the following song, I can’t help but think the very same… I have the best daddy. No competition. Sorry!




Via today’s Word of the Day Challenge, Daddy

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