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The skies spilling
Rivers of memory-filled tears…
Your baby-blue eyes
Watching over, always and forever
This sea between me and you.

A cab rushing out of town…
The heart of a daisy at dawn,
God painting with warm sunrays
Fields of golden rape flowers…
Honey flowing like dew.

Embers burning, fire cracking…
Crimson rose petals
Bearing your name in cursive letters,
Love delivered
From the tip of lips in ruby hues.

Primary colors,
Love, let me finger paint my way
Down your bare chest,
Tracing future’s contours
In fifty shades of us!

3 thoughts on “Primary…

  1. My eyes are red
    Come taste my tears
    Come sooth me, smooth me
    Ease my fears
    Come find me in my world
    Of grey
    Come feed me. Lead me
    Far away
    Come mitigate
    My envy, green
    Come misbehave
    Come be obscene
    But leave me feeling
    Sad and blue
    Leave me wanting
    More of you


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