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Cyranny’s quickie!




What was your very first job? How old were you, when you started working?




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17 thoughts on “Cyranny’s quickie!

  1. Well, my first off the books kind of job was babysitting. I started at 10 years old, and by the time I was in middle school, I owned the neighborhood with my services. LOL!
    First official job was a place called “Kinneys Shoes” I had just turned 16. I made better money (Substantially more money) when I babysat. LOL!

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  2. 14, arthur treachers fish and chips..behind the cash register and also scooping up single cups of cole slaw (horrid stuff) and sealing them for later sale. Frying fish and shrimp (i’m highly allergic to shrimp) , breaking out in hives every time I was at work, pouring malt vinegar into small bottles from a gallon jug…..made me NEVER want to work again!

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  3. As a smart-arse 17 year old I found full time employment as an encyclopaedia salesman. The door-to-door kind. The idea was to find the most vulnerable people of society and smother them with feelings of guilt about the fact that their kids (without this invaluable recourse material that I was selling) would be educationally left behind and end up unemployed and just as stupid as their parents were. The correct technique, of course, required that things be explained a little differently than that.

    I am ashamed to say that I was quite good at it. As a result quite a few people were fleeced.

    So this is my apology to the world. Sorry, world.

    Fortunately a heated exchange of ideas relating to company policy and ethics with my boss (which eventually turned physical and provided great amusement to the small crowd that gathered with all the commotion) preceded my expulsion from the industry before I had done too much damage.

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  4. £1 pocket money for washing the car every Saturday – I started when I was around 7? I think.

    First paid job that HMRC would need to know about…was…working as a receptionist at the Royal Mail. I was 17 (I think). I did three days there, as I was only covering someone’s holiday as a temp. The following week, I started my next temp assignment was at the Head Office of a major retail chain – I left there when I was 26!

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  5. I started earning pocket money by washing the cars and sweeping the leaves at about 7.

    Slightly more official was a newspaper round at aged 12

    Even more official was a flower stall at aged 15 (I got fired cause I was too young)

    I think I started paying tax at aged 16 collecting glasses


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