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Better an Oops…



Sometimes in Life, you have to follow your heart.

People will try to convince you that it is not a good idea. They will bring you a hundred good reasons to act rationally, if only to look good in the end. Not to disappoint you, or just to argue with you, but generally because they want to save you from failure.

But failure isn’t always what it seems, and it isn’t necessarely a bad thing.

Today, I was about to make my final move back to Copenhagen, which means coming to the last stretch of my solo trip. I had some unfinished business, and I will not go into detail, but it was the ”damn if I do, damn if I don’t” kind of situation. Had I asked for any advice, the answer would have been ”Forget about it. It is not even worth the try!”

I knew it, and I kind of agreed.


I was at the train station, with a couple of hours on my hands, if I decided to try anyway. My head kept telling me ”Leave it there… What you don’t know won’t hurt you!” But my heart kept lulling, in the back of my head ”What if? You know I’ll remind you that you once had a chance to find out, if you don’t try!”

Both sides had their pros and cons, and I reflected until I paid for a locker to leave my huge backpack behind. I jumped on a bus, and went all in. Today, my heart’s voice won.

The outcome wasn’t what it could have been. I failed miserably at delivering the message I had, but it was worth trying. I came with good intentions and a kind heart. I was received coldly (understatement), with resentment and possibly even a hint of hate. I believe nobody won in the process, but if someone lost, in the equation, it wasn’t me.

I came back to the train station with a light heart. Things had gone far from good, but quite frankly, I expected a much worse turn of events.

When I got to my apartment, in Copenhagen, the quotes in the picture above were waiting for me… They really spoke to me. Both of them.


Better an Oops than a What If

I couldn’t agree more. My imagination is too vivid and wild to be let loose on What Ifs matters. I always end up torturing myself, thinking that things might have been so much better, if only I had dared to act. When in doubt, and when the circumstances allow it, an Oops is always much better than any What If I could imagine.


What is done in love is done well…

Again, very true. Anything done with a well intentioned heart is a good thing to do. It might not bring you the results you would have liked, because most situations involve two or more people… And they have their role to play too. But you should never blame yourself for failing, when you acted with a kind spirit.


I might be weak in a lot of ways, but I have a good heart.

And I know that.





8 thoughts on “Better an Oops…

  1. The hardest things I grapple with is the things that I did not do when I had the chance. It’s great that you made the effort and the outcome was better than you expected


  2. I follow my heart
    But we follow no map
    It is constantly leading me
    Into this trap
    It is fumbling, stumbling
    Out on the ledge
    It’s tripping me
    Flipping me
    Over the edge

    I follow my heart
    As it floats on the breeze
    With each moment passing
    Continues to tease
    Curving and swerving
    Each way
    The wind blows
    I ride on this tide
    As it ebbs and it flows

    I follow my heart
    As it whistles and skips
    In its dreams it imagines
    The taste of your lips
    And it laughs at our folly
    With each passing day
    But I follow my heart
    For there’s no other way


  3. Well done, Dahling. You had to do it. It would have haunted you for too long. It took a lot of courage and a huge heart to put yourself out there, but at least you have closure now. 💚💙💜


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