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To Whom it May Concern…


My little brother introduced me to the music of Jonna Emily Lee. Probably because she is Swedish. It is good enough a reason to get me interested in an artist. I am biased, I know… Mention Vikingland, and even if Denmark isn’t involved, I raise an eyebrow…

Tonight the mysterious singer was performing in Montréal for the first time. Little bro had bought the tickets, a couple of months back, inviting me to see her show. I had a feeling I’d enjoy it, but I got a warning, Ionnalee seemed to attract an awkward crowd.

It was an busy day at work… Kind of a full moon shift. I was drained before I even got out of the office. Maybe it wasn’t such a good idea to go to a show after all. But Little Bro was excited about it, and I took the metro ride on an empty stomach, just to please him.

And what a good decision that was.

Ionnalee is a great performer. I might be getting older, but I still can recognize I good show when I see one, and I was thrilled to know I was among the first people tending her first show in Canada.

I even got an (a bit over priced) t-shirt, I’ll proudly wear in Denmark soon… Hoping someone asks me about it.




But if no one does, I won’t mind… I enjoyed the kind of show that no newspaper talks about. I danced, and clapped my hands, and I thought about a good friend that Ionnalee really reminded me of. Another great performer. Maybe not aswell known, but I hope she’ll see the similarity in my videos.



4 thoughts on “To Whom it May Concern…

    1. I had never heard of them, but I’ll check them out! I can imagine how stunning their videos must be, if they are staged in Iceland. The sceneries are stunning, and sometimes almost moon-like! Thank you for sharing, Cheryl 🙂 xx


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