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The Elders were right…  He thought.

Shade wandered through the woods, revelling at the sight of the early signs. Everywhere he set a foot, every bit of color was sucked in him instantly, and he left a pitch black trail behind him.

My miserable days are over!

He had, indeed, had a rather secluded life, and certainly not by choice. The claw-shaped birthmarks on his scapulae had made him an outcast right from the crib. If only he could just hide his shoulders, but the little boy didn’t cast any shadow on the floor, no matter how bright the sun shone on him. Mother had carefully hidden him as long as she could, and when the rumor had spread in the village, the curse was just too much for them to bear.

She and Shade’s father had disappeared, never to return. Many said they had jumped from the high Mourning Echo cliffs, but he had held on the hope that they just made a new life in a town where no one knew them.

After their sudden departure, his life had taken steep turn for the worse. Shade didn’t understand why, but he only seemed to repel all living things. Not only did other children hate him without a reason, and adults ignore the little boy totally… But even animals, both wild and tamed, ran away at the sight of him, as if he had an evil aura preceeding him everywhere he went.

Luckily, the Elders had taken him with them. At least long enough to teach him how to survive on his own. Shade probably shouldn’t have known his fate so early in life, but the wise men had not found any other excuse for the villagers’ cruel behavior, than explaining to the outcast boy what made him so much different.

And different he was, indeed. He was born with the seed of a Darkness Angel in him. People like Shade had walked the Earth as far back as the Elders’ first writings went. He was the last of the long lining, and when he dared asking why they hadn’t killed him at birth, he was told it would have been useless blood on the Elders’ hands, as another of his ”kind” would have been born to replace him.

No one knew if, nor when he would finally morph. Sent to live by himself in the mountains, as soon as he learnt to survive in the wild, he had dreamt every night that this day would come.

Today he was no longer the hunted. He was becoming the hunter.

Looking at the black pool becoming wider around him, he smiled. He could feel the energy he absorbed from everything he touched. Shade closed his eyes and started running, leaving his dark trail behind… He needed the fuel. It was finally time for him to rise.

Obviously, the One had been revealed… Unleashing Hell’s fury through Shade’s every cell. And as he ran, he felt the power building up, until he stopped on the edge of Mourning Echo cliffs. Standing where his maybe late parents had come years ago, he was ready to become what he’d been born to incarnate.

Baring his shoulders, aching in the soft wind, he leaned forward. Wide black wings spreading from his back, Shade threw himself off the cliff.

I’m coming for you…

Shade was no longer Shade. Shadow was born, and the One better be ready for him.



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10 thoughts on “Shadow…

  1. This is a fresh take on Cibelle and Vohne. I thought at first it was starting a new story, until “the One” was mentioned. Love how you make the character so sympathetic at first, then suddenly threatening to the beloved main characters … A really dramatic twist.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Beckie 🙂 This story is one that seems to strike a chord with readers, and I like it a lot… It is always very heart warming to see that people enjoy it. I hope the next episode will please you aswell 🙂 xx

      Liked by 1 person

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