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Itz all over, Mumz!



Mumz is downstairs right now. Thatz why I come to squat her blogz…

See, for the last four weeks, it seems like Mumz’ Dadz has been really sick. So sick he has been sent to not one, but two hospitals. I was told that was a place where the doctorz are, and those are basically vets for people!

Poor Grandadz! I hate the vets! They always point bright lights in your eyez, and they poke you with needles, and try to shove little sticks in your buttz! I only went to the vets’ hospital once, but it was really bad, and I hope Grandadz had a big enough cage, because they kept him there for a loooong time!

Mumz is downstairs, because today, Grandmaz and Grandadz are going back to their house. And I am really happy about that! Don’t get me wrong, I was sorry that Grandadz was sick and all… But that meant Mumz had to leave home for more than a week, and then Grandmaz came to stay at our house for more than a week too.

And that meant a whole lot of people-caring-for-someone-else-than-me, going on! And that sucks. Hey! Since when, am I not the center of the universe anymore??

But this is all about to come back to normal.

So big huge thanks to all of the people who supported Mumz and her family! I saw Mumz crying many times, reading your heartwarming messages at night when she came back from work or the hospital. It seemed to make quite a difference for her, to know that such kind peoplez were thinking about them…

Now, it’s time to come back toΒ my routine… Now, it’s time to think aboutΒ me again!


Freja xx

16 thoughts on “Itz all over, Mumz!

  1. I might not always be around much but you, mumz and her family are in my prayers daily. πŸ™‹β€β™€οΈπŸ ( ps: you are always the centre of tbe universe!!!) β™₯οΈπŸ˜™

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    1. Thankz for reassuring me, Bee! It sure seemed like I didn’t matter anymore, for a while. I even had to play the cute card once or twice, which is NOT like me, to get a little attention… And do not worry at all, about not being there all the time. I rarely spend time next to Mumz myself, and she knows I still support her dearly (as long as she feeds me, and empties the litterbox, LOL)

      *Big furry hugs*

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  2. Aw, poor (gorgeous) Freja… probably frightened of what was going on.
    Catherine, I am so excited for your whoel family going home!!! I guess Dad is feeling much better, and now both of them can sleep in their home comfortably. Great News!!!! πŸ€—


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